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1. There is an alarm several blocks away that's been going off every twenty minutes for two days. It's right on the edge of my auditory range; if I'm watching tv or playing video games or listening to music I can't hear it. But as soon as I'm trying to concentrate on something, or going to sleep, there it is again, a faint distant eeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee ARGH. I've tried to use my bedside fan (still not put away from the summer) as a white noise generator, but it doesn't really work because the range is so different. AAAAAAHHH.

And of course I don't know where it is -- it's only thirty seconds every twenty minutes and my directional hearing is shitty -- so I can't, like, track it down and go "oh my GOD turn that shit OFF" at the car or building owner.

2. [personal profile] such_heights and I are running an Avatar: The Last Airbender Lunar New Year gift exchange over at [community profile] white_lotus! (The whole thing was [personal profile] inkstone's idea.) Signups close tomorrow night! I don't know if I'll sign up; I might be busy modding/pinch hitting, plus also I fear deadlines. I'm waiting until just before signups close to decide.

But! What I really wanted to do here is signal boost the treats for anyone post. We changed the rules after the first draft, so I wanted to make sure that y'all knew that anyone can leave requests there, regardless of whether or not you're planning to sign up. You might not get anything, but then again you might! And people like me who will probably end up doing treats instead of signing up (see above re: deadlines) would probably enjoy having a large variety of prompts to peruse.

Also, let me just go EEEEEE at the thought of new Avatar fic/art/icons/vids/crafts/etc.

3. I recently finished watching the Sarah Jane Adventures and omg it was so good you guys. So, aside from the Slitheen plots and fart jokes, I love basically everything about this show. I love their hugs and handholding and investigation and robots and aliens and joy in the universe! I love Sarah Jane's issues! I love Clyde's issues and his suspicion and his art! I love Rani and her determination! I love Maria and her excitement at the universe even though she was only there for one season! I love K9 -- like, a lot, Twings will tell you that all through the first season I kept being like, okay, but when does he come back? I love Elisabeth Sladen doing alien possession! I am basically all exclamation points. And I mean, there are some things I don't really like -- there's so much evil motherhood, ugh. And I'm sort of conflicted about what they do with Clyde's backstory, even thought Clyde was amazing in that episode omg.

But listen, one of the things that makes me happiest is the Sarah Jane backstory. They've done multiple episodes about her past, and about her fears and what made her who she is, and not incidentally given her some of the typically-dudely story tropes. Like, seriously, they did a whole episode about someone erasing adult Sarah Jane from existence by switching who died in a childhood accident, thus giving her the childhood-death angst plot (though Elisabeth Sladen played it more wistful than manpainy) AND doing Sarah Jane is necessary for the safety of the world. And they did the plot where she nearly gets trapped into a normal life (or, you know, an alternate dimension) by marriage. And then there was the childhood-fears episode. And then they did the one with the trickster and her parents, oh my gosh. It was full of Sarah Jane backstory! And time travel! And references to old Who!

Which reminds me, I had an important completely frivolous question about that episode. When Sarah Jane dressed for 1951, she talked a lot about her outfit, and things she said made it sound like it was something she'd had around for a long time. And it seemed odd for them to focus on it like that, so I wondered if it was an old Who reference that I was missing. But, I mean, I don't remember it at all (though I haven't seen all of her old Who episodes), and also it does not at all look like something Sarah Jane would have worn in 1973. It doesn't have stripes, for one. Or pale blue denim.

For reference, here is the outfit:

Sarah Jane Smith dressed in a powder-pink skirt suit

See? Totally not Three and Four-era Sarah Jane, and yet, this whole bit about keeping it in her closet for years that seemed potentially old Who-y.


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