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Yesterday was a no good day, and today is also a no good day, and my knees hurt, and it's a Monday. So: two hundred more pictures of famous people and animals. These are picked randomly, where by randomly I mean completely non-randomly - I took every tenth name in the folder.

Most of them are domesticated animals; there are also a few pictures of people and wild animals including snakes, which are separated at the end by a horizontal rule (starting at #196 after LeVar Burton).

As per usual, I am not actually very good at faces or famous people, and am taking the internet's word for it on who these folks are and what names they prefer - please let me know if I've misnamed someone!

1. Zelda Fitzgerald and a cat

Zelda Fitzgerald posing sitting on a pair of steamer trunks; she's wearing a short floofy skirt and holding a light-colored floofy cat.

2. Yves Navarre and a cat

Yves Navarre sitting down next to a cat. The cat is sitting on the arm of a chair or sofa, and is turning to look at Yves; he looks like he's talking to the cat. (Yves Navarre pic large)

3. Yoon Eun-hye and a dog

Yoon Eun-hye holding a tiny white dog and kissing its cheek. Eun-hye is wearing a black coat and mini-skirt, and the dog appears to be wearing a similar outfit.

4. Witold Gombrowicz and a cat

Witold Gombrowicz sitting at a table and holding up a small cat, possibly to give it a kiss.

5. Wendy Carlos and some cats 1

Wendy Carlos (composer, musician) sitting at a keyboard (probably a moog synthesizer per [personal profile] ellen_fremedon) and looking out at the camera. A Siamese cat is standing on some sort of electronic musical tool and looking curiously at the fan and cords.

6. Wendy Carlos and some cats 2

Wendy Carlos sitting at a multiple-computer and keyboard station with a Siamese cat on her lap. There are two other cats standing on the desktop monitors.

7. The members of We Are Scientists and cats

The members of We Are Scientists cats. I don't know who is who here, but perhaps someone else does! The picture is of three dudes holding cats; the cat held by the guy on the right is making a bid for freedom.

8. Vladimir Mayakovsky and a dog

Vladimir Mayakovsky standing and holding a small dark-furred terrier tight in his arms.

9. Vivian Leigh and a cat

Vivian Leigh standing and holding a cat over one shoulder.

10. Vin Diesel and two dogs

Vin Diesel crouching outside a limo; he has his arms around two black dogs, one of whom is leaning up to lick his neck.

11. Victor Espinoza and his dogs

Victor Espinoza sitting on stairs with two black and white Great Danes standing behind him.

12. Vanessa Williams and her dog Sebastian

Vanessa Williams lying on the ground and hugging her Yorkie, Sebastian.

13. Vanessa Williams and her dogs Congo and Cayman

Vanessa Williams sitting on the ground, with her arms around the necks of two of her dogs, two medium-sized short haired golden dogs named Congo and Cayman.

14. Trevor Donovan and his dog

Trevor Donovan (actor, new 90210) sitting topless in the doorway of a trailer and holding a small white pug-ish dog with a spotted face.

15. Torri Higginson and her dog

Torri Higginson (actor, Stargate: Atlantis) kneeling on the floor with her dog. Torri is wearing a tank top, jeans, and a big smile, and is scratching her dog's belly. (Torri Higginson pic large)

16. Tony Stewart and his dog

Tony Stewart sitting on a porch and holding a small brown and black Chihuahua on his lap.

17. Tom Hardy and a dog 1

Tom Hardy in a close-up with his black lab named Max; they're sitting cheek to cheek, both facing the camera.

18. Tom Hardy and a dog 2

Tom Hardy and Max; Max is lying on a bed, and Tom is lying on top of him, with his head on Max's shoulder and cheek.

19. Tom Hardy and a cat

Tom Hardy leaning over and pointing at a cat sleeping on his lap.

20. Tom Fletcher and a cat

Tom Fletcher (musician, McFly) sitting on a desk, topless, and holding an orange stripey cat. He's leaning over to look at the cat, so you can't see his face.

21. Thelonius Monk and a cat

Thelonius Monk reclining in a chair; his coat and tie are askew, and he has one hand over his forehead and closed eyes. A Siamese cat is lounging on his stomach.

22. Taylor Swift and a cat

Taylor Swift lying on her chest on the floor facing a small grey and white kitten; both the kitten and Taylor are looking at the camera.

23. Susan Sarandon and her dog Penny

Susan Sarandon and holding her dog Penny on her lap. Penny is a small white terrier; in this photo, Penny's mouth is open in that yawn-or-pant dog expression.

24. Sting and a cat

A full-length shot of Sting standing in a totally-90s kitchen with hanging pots and pans, wearing a totally-90s vest, black pants and shirt, and brown moccasins, and holding a small black cat against his shoulder. There's something I find hilariously charming about this picture - possibly the totally 90s-ness of it, or possibly his facial expression and stance, but whatever it is I get a total kick out of it.

25. Stephen Colbert and a cat

Stephen Colbert wearing a suit and hat covered in yellow roses and rose petals and cuddling a cat. He has his eyes closed, and his face bent down to press against the cat's face.

26. Sophie Kerr and a cat

Sophie Kerr sitting on a sofa and holding a big black cat in her arms.

27. Siwon and a dog

Siwon trying to do the same pose as the dog beside him, which is standing on its hind legs.

28. Shiri Appleby and a cat

Shiri Appleby holding a small cat against her chest; she's looking down at the cat fondly. (Shiri Appleby pic large)

29. Shiamak Davar and a dog

Shiamak Davar (choreographer) sitting on the floor hugging a large yellow lab.

30. Shaquille O'Neal and a cat

Shaquille O'Neal in US National Team basketball uniform reclining on the court. There's a small kitten beside him; the kitten is facing away from the camera and seems to be exploring the space under Shaq's knee.

31. Selena Gomez and her dog

Selena Gomez carrying her rescue dog Baylor; Baylor brown and gold puppy with seriously blue eyes.

32. Selena Gomez and her dog 2

Selena Gomez and Baylor again; Baylor is on his back on the floor, and Selena is leaning over to kiss him on the nose.

33. Selena Gomez and a rescue dog

Selena Gomez feeding dog food to a dog she rescued when they were filming on location somewhere. The little brown dog is sitting on an unknown person's lap, and Selena is sitting beside them with a fork full of wet dog food.

34. Ryan Reynolds and a dog

Ryan Reynolds crouching down to hug a pit bull/staffie/boxer around the neck; they're sitting cheek to cheek.

35. Rose McGowan and a dog

Rose McGowan hugging a tiny white and tan chihuahua. (Rose McGowan and dog pic large)

36. Rose McGowan and a cow

Rose McGowan kneeling down beside a large rescue cow to pet its neck. This is a shot from the Gentle Barn, which rescues abused farm animals, and advocates hugging cows.

37. Rod Stewart and a cat

Rod Stewart lying in a bed, topless, with one arm around a cat and his other hand holding onto a rail of the headboard. (Rod Stewart pic large)

38. Robert Creeley and a dog

Robert Creeley sitting next to a shaggy dog with his hand on the dog's back. The dog has been captured making a really weird panting-dog face.

39. Richard Dean Anderson and a dog

A be-mulleted Richard Dean Anderson lying on the floor; a dog, lying in front of him, is licking his face.

40. Raymond Chandler and a cat

Raymond Chandler sitting in a library with a pipe in his mouth; he's holding a black fluffy cat in his arms and looking down at it. I can't read the text on the photo except for his signature.

41. Rainie Yang and a dog

Rainie Yang leaning in close to make a peace sign and smile next to a small white terrier.

42. Rainie Yang and a dog two

Rainie Yang holding a small terrier, possibly the same dog as in the previous picture. She's sticking her tongue out to imitate the dog's grinning/panting face.

43. Pina Menichelli and a cat

Pina Menichelli sitting down with a cat on her lap.

44. Penelope Cruz and her dog

Penelope Cruz and her dog; she's sitting on an outdoor lounge chair holding her medium-sized dog to her chest; the dog has twisted back around to look at the camera.

45. Penelope Cruz and her dog 2

Another shot of Penelope Cruz and her dog on the same lounge chair; in this shot, her dog is lying on top of her, and she's hugging it to her chest and looking down at it.

46. Penelope Cruz and a cat 1

A younger Penelope Cruz, lounging on the floor in a model pose and wearing a big fisherman's sweater and leather pants. She's holding a tabby cat in her arms.

47. Penelope Cruz and a cat 2

Penelope Cruz wearing a white dress and big bracelets and holding a gray and white cat on her shoulder. (Penelope Cruz and a grey cat large)

48. Penelope Cruz and a cat 3

Penelope Cruz holding a tabby cat and looking pensively out a rain-specked window.

49. Patti Austin and a cat

A promotional photo of Patti Austin wearing a black and white dress or robe and holding a black cat. (Patti Austin pic large)

50. Parys Haralson and two puppies

Parys Haralson and a cat. wearing his 49ers jersey and holding two golden lab service-dog-in-training puppies. This shot is from a calendar the 49ers made to raise money for service dog training. (Parys Haralson pic large)

51. Osvaldo Soriano and a cat

Osvaldo Soriano sitting next to a bookshelf and watching fondly as a Siamese cat stands on its hind legs and pokes some of the books.

52. Olga Knipper and a cat

Olga Knipper (stage actor) wearing a patterened cape and dress and holding a big fuzzy tabby cat.

53. Nico Muhly and a cat

Nico Muhly (composer) wearing two striped shirts and holding a cat on one shoulder. The cat is upside-down and stretching its paws out.

54. Nico Muhly and a cat 2

Nico Muhly sitting down with a cup in his hand; a cat is standing behind him on the back of the sofa. Nico is laughing and looking down at his cup.

55. Neil Patrick Harris and a dog

A close-up shot of Neil Patrick Harris holding up a small terrier; they're both looking at the camera.

56. Myrna Loy and a cat

Myrna Loy sitting and smiling; she's holding a large white fluffy cat on her lap.

57. Milo Ventimiglia and a cat

A close-up of Milo Ventimiglia holding a cat up to his face and looking down at it fondly.

58. Murakami Haruki and a cat

Murakami Haruki standing in a carpet shop and holding a small white cat to his chest.

59. Murakami Haruki and a black cat

A close-up shot of Murakami Haruki holding a black cat to his chest.

60. Michael Robinson and two dogs

Michael Robinson sitting in the driver's seat of a cart wearing his 49ers jersey. He has one arm around an adult golden lab service dog, and one around his own dog, a wrinkly-faced bulldog who's standing on his lap. (This is from the same calendar as the Parys Haralson shot.)

61. Mena Suvari and a cat

Mena Suvari holding a small tabby cat up to her chest.

62. Mary Pickford and a cat

Mary Pickford (actor, co-founder of United Artists) wearing a white gauzy dress and holding up a cat in front of her face. The pose is a bit "is this a kitten I see before me?"

63. Mark Twain and a cat

Mark Twain sitting on a rock in an all-white suit and holding a small kitten on his lap.

64. Mariah Carey and two puppies

Mariah Carey lying down with two incredibly tiny puppies on her shoulders and neck. Mariah is smiling and her eyes are closed; they might all be napping together.

65. Mariah Carey and a puppy

Mariah Carey holding a tiny dog; she's wearing a poofy jacket and the dog is wearing a sweater. (Mariah Carey and a dog pic large)

66. Maggie Gyllenhaal and a cat

Maggie Gyllenhaal posing with a dark grey cat held up to her face.

67. Maggie Gyllenhaal and a cat 2

Maggie Gyllenhaal holding a fluffy white cat up to her chin; Maggie has her eyes closed and looks contented. The cat looks stunned or confused, possibly? (Maggie Gyllenhaal and a white cat pic large)

68. Louise Brooks and a cat

Louise Brooks holding a tabby cat.

69. Lion Feuchtwanger and a cat

Lion Feuchtwanger smiling at the camera and holding up a dark-colored cat to his chest. (Lion Feuchtwanger pic large)

70. Leonardo DiCaprio and a dog

Leonardo DiCaprio sitting on a loveseat next to a small black and white dog.

71. Leonardo DiCaprio and a dog 2

Leonardo DiCaprio holding the same dog up to his face as he points out at the camera. (There's text on the photo but I can't read it.)

72. Leonardo DiCaprio and a dog 3

A pretty young Leonard DiCaprio, who is wearing a big fisherman's sweater and a baseball cap backwards, sitting on outdoor steps with one arm around the Rottweiler sitting beside him.

73. Lee Hongki and a dog

Lee Hongki crouching down and making kissy faces and a possibly golden retriever. This is from the tv show You're Beautiful, in which Lee Hongki's character loves a dog named Jolie a lot.

74. Laura Marling and a cat

Laura Marling leaning back with a cat on her chest; the cat has stretched out its paws, and has one of them on Laura's nose.

75. Kristen Stewart and a dog

Kristen Stewart sitting on the floor and petting her dog's head.

76. Kerry Washington and a dog

Kerry Washington wearing a black dress or robe and cuddling a small flat-face white dog.

77. Kaycee Stroh and her dog Pyper

Kaycee Stroh wearing a t-shirt, grinning, and holding up her beagle-y dog Pyper.

78. Kaycee Stroh and her dog Pyper 2

Kaycee Stroh kneeling in the grass to kiss her dog Pyper on the head.

79. Kate Bush and a cat

Kate Bush wearing a ruff and holding a cat up to her face.

80. Karen Blixen and a dog

Karen Blixen sitting on a step with one arm around a large dog.

81. Kaneshiro Takeshi and a dog

A young Kaneshiro Takeshi playing with a medium-sized shaggy dog in front of a sheet in a photographer's studio.

82. Kaneshiro Takeshi and a dog 2

A messy-haired Kaneshiro Takeshi holding a small black lab puppy and looking wistfully (?) off into the distance in a still from an ad. (Kaneshiro Takeshi pic 2 large)

83. Kaneshiro Takeshi and a dog 3

Another still from the same ad as above; Takeshi is holding the same small black lab puppy, but the puppy is easier to see in this shot since the lighting is more direct.

84. Jung Il Woo and his dog Ahwoo

Jung Il Woo (actor, singer, model) crouching down in a garden to kiss his sharpei Ahwoo on the nose. (Jung Il Woo kissing Ahwoo pic large

85. Jung Il Woo and his dog Ahwoo 2

Jung Il Woo crouching down on a sidewalk to pet his sharpei Ahwoo. (Jung Il Woo petting Ahwoo pic large

86. Jung Il Woo and his dog Ahwoo 3

Jung Il Woo sitting on a sofa holding Ahwoo's front legs so that Ahwoo stands up. Il woo is making kissy faces at Ahwoo.

87. Judy Blume and a cat

Judy Blume standing up and holding a splotchy cat to her chest.

88. Joseph Mazzello and a cat

Joseph Mazzello (actor, Jurassic Park, The Social Network) making a strange face; there's a small tabby cat on his shoulder.

89. Jorge Garcia, Allison Janney, and Jorge's dog Nunu

Allison Janney, Jorge Garcia, and Jorge's chihuahua Nunu. Allison is leaning on Jorge's shoulder; Jorge is holding Nunu to his chest.

90. Jean-Paul Sartre and a cat

Jean-Paul Sartre at a desk; he's writing with one hand, and holding a fluffy cat with the other.

91. John Entwistle and two dogs

John Entwistle standing outside with two Irish Wolfhounds.

92. Joe Manganiello and his dog

Joe Manganiello wearing a leather jacket and very gelled hair and holding his dog, a goofy-looking brown and white Cavalier King Charles spaniel.

93. Jo Seung-woo and his dog

Jo Seung-woo wearing a tuxedo shirt (no jacket) and reclining on a bed with a sheepdog-ish dog.

94. Jessica Biel and her dog Tina

Jessica Biel standing on a red carpet, smiling, and holding her dog Tina. Tina is a brown and black brindled pit bull who looks a little bit worried about this whole being-held thing.

95. Jessica Biel and her dog Tina 2

A close-up shot of Jessica Biel holding Tina up to her face. Jessica is smiling, and Tina's tongue is sticking out.

96. Jessica Biel and her bulldog East

Jessica Biel lying on the grass cuddling her bulldog East; East's mouth is open in that sort of dog-smile-or-pant way.

97. Jennifer Lawrence and a horse

Jennifer Lawrence standing next to a saddled horse and stroking its nose.

98. Jean Harlow and three kittens

Jean Harlow smiling and holding three fuzzy kittens to her chest.

99. Jean Harlow and a cat

Jean Harlow at the same photoshoot; this shot is from further away, so her kicky hat is visible. She's holding an white fuzzy adult cat on its back in her arms.

100. Jane Seymour and her cat

Jane Seymour playing with her cat; Jane is on the other side of a window from her cat and is tapping on the glass.

101. James Franco and a cat

James Franco leaning against a wall and holding a tabby cat.

102. James Franco and two cats

James Franco asleep on a sofa wearing headphones and holding some photocopied readings. He's covered by a blanket and two small cats. (James Franco sleeping with cats pic large)

103. Jack Kerouac and a cat

Jack Kerouac standing outside in Tangier, Morocco and holding a cat to his shoulder. The photo is by Allen Ginsberg and has some text that Allen wrote on it, but I can't read much of it except the date (1957) and their names.

104. Ida Lupino and a cat

Ida Lupino posing with a small fuzzy tabby cat held up to her face.

105. Hritik Roshan and a dog

Hritik Roshan lying on a sofa and holding a little dog on his lap. (Hritik Roshan and a dog pic large)

106. Greta Morgan and a cat

Greta Morgan or Greta Salpeter (musician, Gold Motel) holding an orange stripey cat up above her face and making kissy faces at it.

107. Gloria Grahame and a cat

Gloria Grahame lying on her stomach on the ground holding a Siamese cat to her face.

108. Georgia O'Keefe and a dog

Georgia O'Keefe lying in an outdoor lounge chair beside a large fuzzy dog.

109. Georgia O'Keefe and two dogs

Georgia O'Keefe sitting outside with two of her big black fuzzy dogs and grooming one of them.

110. George Clooney and a dog

George Clooney laughing as he plays with a pug(?) on his lap.

111. George Clooney and his pig Max

Floppy-haired George Clooney and his pet pig Max in 1989. Apparently George just loved Max and they hung out all the time and it was a great friendship for the ages, or so the internet tells me.

112. George Clooney and his pig Max poolside

George Clooney and Max again. George is sitting on a lounge chair by a pool, and he has one hand on Max's head. Max has his front legs up on the lounge chair next to George's.

113. George Clooney feeding his pig Max grapes

George Clooney leaning on the side of a convertible while Max sits in the front seat. George is leaning over to feed Max a grape from his mouth. (George Clooney feeding Max grapes large

114. George Bernard Shaw and a cat

George Bernard Shaw sitting on a porch chair; he's leaning over to pet a cat that's shying away.

115. Gabrielle Union and her dog

Gabrielle Union holding a purse and a small black terrierish dog.

116. Leonard Fujita with a cat sitting on the floor

Leonard Fujita (or Foujita Tsuguharu) sitting on a floor mat and pulling part of it up over himself; he's holding a fuzzy tabby cat in one hand. (He painted/drew a bunch of cats with interesting expressions; it's one of the things he's most known for. Here's one of his self portraits with a cat.)

117. Leonard Fujita at work with a cat

In this shot, Leonard Foujita is working at a desk, possibly drawing the cat that is sitting next to the paper; he has one hand on the cat's back.

118. Leonard Foujita and a cat portrait

Leonard Foujita sitting on the floor and leaning backward; he has a cat sprawled across his lap, belly-up.

119. Leonard Foujita and a cat on cushions

Leonard Foujita sitting on some cushions; a white cat is sitting next to him and looking curiously at the photographer.

120. Frank Zappa and a cat

A headshot Frank Zappa with his head on his hand; a sleek black cat is sitting over his shoulders like a stole.

121. Frank O'Hara and a cat

Frank O'Hara sitting at a desk and reading a book with a tabby cat on his lap; he has one hand on the cat and one on the book.

122. France Gall and a cat

France Gall standing in a garden and holding a black cat up to eye level.

123. Faye Dunaway and a cat

Faye Dunaway talking on the phone and holding a tabby cat to her chest.

124. Famke Janssen and a cat

Famke Janssen wearing a pink sweater and gazing out past the camera; she's holding a Siamese cat in her arms.

125. Ernie (from Sesame Street) and a kitten

Ernie is wearing blue pajamas; he's on his hands and knees looking at a small kitten named Bernie that is hiding under his bedside table.

126. Ernesto Sabato and his dog Roque

Ernesto Sabato playing with his shepherd-y dog Roque in his garden in Buenos Aires.

127. Elvis Presley and his dog Foxhugh

Elvis Presley reading some papers that he's holding in one hand; with his other arm, he's holding a small terrier named Foxhugh.

128. Elvis Presley and his pomeranian

Elvis Presley holding a small pomeranian dog on one shoulder.

129. Elsa Morante and a cat

Elsa Morante sitting with a cat in her lap; both Elsa and the cat are looking off-camera in the same direction.

130. Elisabeth Bishop and a cat

Elisabeth Bishop sitting in a butterfly chair and holding a black and white cat on her lap.

131. Elijah Wood and Joseph Mazzello and a dog

Circa ten-year-old Elijah Wood and Joseph Mazzello lying on a large shepherd-y dog. I can only read the large text on the image, which says "Mike (Elijah Wood, l.) and his younger brother, Bobby (Joseph Mazzello), find strength in each other and in their best friend, Shane, as they settle int[o] life in a new neighborhood after their mother remarries in RADIO FLYER,' a Columbia Pictures Release." (Elijah Wood and Joseph Mazzello pic large)

132. Eddie Furlong and a cat

Young, floppy-haired Eddie Furlong wearing a black long-sleeved shirt and holding a brown and black tabby cat. The text says "Being famous 'kind of makes you feel like a freak. And you are, in a way.' EDDIE FURLONG." (Apparently he was a teen heartthrob or something?)

133. Eddie Furlong holding a small cat

A young Eddie Furlong looking out at the camera holding a small calico cat and gazing out at the camera. This is from a calendar; the text says "SuperTeen Eddie Furlong" and then has the dates for February 1993.

134. Ed McMahon and an unknown woman and some cats

Ed McMahon, a person I don't know, and three cats. They're sitting in a booth at a bar; Ed McMahon is holding one cat and the unknown person the other two.

135. Dwayne Johnson and a chihuahua

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) leaning on a makeup table to make kissy faces at a Chihuahua standing there.

136. Dr Seuss and a dog

Dr Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel) reclining next to a pool with some papers in his hand. He's showing the papers to his dog, a russet Irish setter, who is smelling them.

137. Doris Lessing and a cat

Doris Lessing holding a black and white cat on her lap.

138. Doris Lessing and a cat 2

Doris Lessing sitting down; she has one hand on a cat that's standing on the floor at her feet.

139. Dong Xuan and a goose

Dong Xuan (actor) sitting on a branch in (fake?) snow wearing a black dress and holding a white goose.

140. Dolly Parton and a cat

Dolly Parton wearing a poofy white blouse and holding a small tabby cat up to her face.

141. Dick Van Dyke and a small dog

Dick Van Dyke sitting on a bench and holding a curly-furred white dog so that it stands on its hind legs.

142. Devendra Banhart and a cat

Devendra Banhart wearing a high contrast-patterned sweater and holding a yellow and brown tabby.

143. Debbie Reynolds and a cat

Debbie Reynolds sitting on a wooden bench and holding an orange cat up in her lap by the front paws and shoulders.

144. David Kross and a cat

David Kross wearing a white hat and no top and holding a large fluffy white cat to his chest.

145. David Essex and a dog

David Essex sitting with a sheepdog-ish dog; he's holding the dog's head to his chest.

146. Dave Grohl and his dog Mia

Dave Grohl holding a small black and tan dog named Mia up to his cheek.

147. Dave Grohl and a cat

Dave Grohl holding a stripey cat to his shoulder.

148. Dana and her dog 1

Dana squatting down by a black poofy-furred dog (possibly a Chow Chow).

149. Dana and her dog 2

Dana and her dog lying down; Dana has her head pillowed on her dog's shoulder.

150. The Dalai Lama and a cat

The Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso) smiling and holding a tabby cat.

151. Clint Eastwood and a cat

Clint Eastwood in some film; he's holding his hat out upside-down, and there's a small cat sitting there.

152. Clint Eastwood and a dachshund

Clint Eastwood lying down on a sofa; he's looking down on a small dachshund, which is standing up on its hind legs and has its front paws on the arm of the sofa.

153. Christopher Walken and a cat

Christopher Walken holding a small cat to his face; they're lit in a creepy Boris Karloff-y style.

154. Chris Mullin and his dog Kuma

Chris Mullin toweling off his shepherd-y dog Kuma after a bath in his shower. Chris is only wearing shorts.

155. Charlotte Gainsbourg and a cat

Charlotte Gainsbourg sitting on some brick stairs and playing with a small kitten. (There's text on the photo but I can't read it.)

156. Charles Laughton and a cat

Charles Laughton playing with a cat. He's sitting on the floor in a suit, training a fan on a poofy-furred cat. (Charles Laughton and cat pic large)

157. Charles Barkley and a rabbit

Charles Barkeley holding a brown and white rabbit named Phoebe and looking down at her. This is a shot from an adoption spot, when the Georgia House Rabbit Society went on Inside the NBA.

158. Charles Barkeley and a rabbit closeup

A closeup of Charles Barkley and Phoebe from that same Inside the NBA spot.

159. Cat Power and a cat

Cat Power (Chan Marshall) lying down and playing with a long-haired cat.

160. Celina Jaitley and a dog

Celina Jaitley sitting down and holding a small white dog up to her face; the dog is possibly licking her ear.

161. Carol Lombard and dogs and a cat

Carol Lombard sitting on a step and holding two dogs and a cat on her lap; two more dogs are standing beside her.

162. Carmen Electra and a cat

Carmen Electra lying on her stomach in a photographer's studio. She's pushed up on her forearms to make her back arch, and there's a tiny kitten standing on the small of her back.

163. Bruno Mars and a puppy named Rambo

Bruno Mars (Peter Hernandez) wearing a sweatshirt and a baseball cap and sitting in a big poofy chair. He's holding Rambo, a grey pitbull puppy with blue eyes, so that Rambo's head is under his chin.

164. Bruce Lee and a dog

Bruce Lee standing next to a seated big short-furred dog that he's holding on a leash.

165. Brendon Urie and a dog

Brendon Urie holding a small dog, possibly a Boston Terrier, up to his face and giving it a kiss.

166. Brendon Urie and a cat

Brendon Urie holding a small black cat to his chest.

167. Brandon Molale and his dog Lacey

Brandon Molale kneeling down and holding his bulldog Lacey.

168. Bipasha Basu and her Chihuahua

Bipasha Basu holding up her Chihuahua to kiss its cheek.

169. Betty Bronson and a cat

A signed photo of Betty Bronson wearing a sort of flappery beaded dress and holding a poofy cat. The signature says "Most sincerely, Betty Bronson."

170. Bettie Page and a cat

Bettie Page wearing a shiny pink bikini top, smiling, and holding a small white cat to her shoulder.

171. Bettie Page and a cat 2

Bettie Page in the same outfit holding the same white cat; this photo is black and white, though, and she looks pensive instead of smiling.

172. Belinda Lee and a cat

Belinda Lee sitting down and smiling at the camera. She's holding a cat in her lap.

173. The Beastie Boys and a cat

The Beastie Boys and a cat. I don't know who is who, but one of them is at the front of the frame holding an orange and white cat. The other two dudes are standing behind him, one of them pointing at the cat and the other looking over front dude's shoulder at the cat.

174. Bai Ling and her cat

Bai Ling holding her Savannah cat and kissing its face.

175. Audrey Hepburn and a cat

Audrey Hepburn in a bed, wearing a sleep mask, apparently just awakened by the yowling cat on her back. (This is a still from Breakfast at Tiffany's.)

176. Audrey Hepburn on a bicycle with her dog

Audrey Hepburn pausing on a bicycle with one foot on the ground. One of her dogs, possibly a Yorkshire terrier, is riding in the front basket of the bike. Audrey is wearing a hooded cardigan and pants.

177. Audrey Hepburn and her dog on set

Audrey Hepburn sitting in a director's chair and hugging her dog to her chest. Her dog, who is a shaggy-furred terrier and might be the same one as in the previous pic, is craning up to lick Audrey's face.

178. Audrey Hepburn and a dog studio photo

Audrey Hepburn and a tiny brown and black terrier in a studio photo. I think she's wearing one of the costumes from My Fair Lady: a pale pink hat with flowers and beads, and a pink dress with a high white lacey collar. (Audrey Hepburn (pink dress) and a dog pic large)

179. Audrey Hepburn playing with a dog

Short-haired Audrey Hepburn playing with or petting a medium-sized dog; the dog has rolled onto its side.

180. Anton Yelchin holding a chihuahua

Anton Yelchin holding a brown and white Chihuahua up to his face.

181. Anthony Kiedis and his dog

A close-up shot of Anthony Kiedis and his dog; Anthony is making faces at his dog, who is trying to lick Anthony's face.

182. Anna May Wong and a cat

Anna May Wong wearing a brocade shirt and holding a Siamese cat to her chest.

183. Anna May Wong and a dog

A younger Anna May Wong sitting on a bench and holding a dachshund on her lap.

184. Anna Friel and a cat

Anna Friel holding an orange cat to her chest.

185. Angela Lansbury and a dog

Angela Lansbury sitting on a lounge chair in a bikini top and skirt; there's a dog sitting on the table beside her, and she seems to be grooming or tending to a cut on the dog's front paw.

186. André Kertész and a cat

André Kertész leaning forward to read a book; a black cat is sitting on his shoulders and neck.

187. André Bazin and a cat

André Bazin (critic, film theorist) grinning at a cat he's holding upside-down in his arms. He is wearing a pretty great patterned jacket and a paisley tie.

188. Alla Nazimova and a dog

Alla Nazimova wearing a head scarf and a long dress; she's holding a tiny puppy up to her face.

189. Alfred Hitchcock and his dog

Alfred Hitchcock sitting at a table reading the newspaper; his terrier is standing on a ledge behind his shoulder.

190. Alex James and a whippet

Alex James (musician, Blur) sitting on a brick floor; he has one arm around a whippet sitting on a pad beside him.

191. Alejandro Jodorowsky and a cat

Alejandro Jodorowsky sitting with his head on his hand; a Siamese-ish cat is standing next to him and looking at his hand.

192. Alberto Giacometti and a cat

Alberto Giacometti sitting and looking at a tabby cat standing on a table next to him.

193. Al Jardine and a cat

Al Jardine (musician, The Beach Boys) holding up a cat to his face; he and the cat are nose to nose.

194. Agnes Moorehead and a cat

Agnes Moorehead sitting on a lounge chair wearing a black and white striped dress and holding a tabby cat on her lap.

195. LeVar Burton and his dog Roy

LeVar Burton crouching on the ground with his golden retriever, Roy.

So, okay, here's the thing: LeVar Burton did a whole episode of Reading Rainbow about taking care of pets and stories about dogs and things in 2000, and it is available in whole on youtube! Reading Rainbow: Pet Stories You Don't Have to Walk. It is 27 minutes long and includes two stories read aloud and multiple kid segments and I am not up to transcribing it at all, but there is a link for those who feel like listening to LeVar Burton do his Talking To Dogs Voice or watching him pet his dog on the head.

But I screencapped it for purposes of LeVar Burton Hugging Roy, so here are the rest of those:

LeVar Burton giving Roy a bath

LeVar Burton giving Roy a bath; he's leaning forward to kiss Roy's nose.

LeVar Burton and Roy outside the Three Dog Bakery

LeVar crouching down with Roy outside the Three Dog Bakery.

LeVar Burton and Roy looking in the display case at the bakery

LeVar and Roy looking in the glass display case at the dog bakery.

The cake LeVar makes for Roy

LeVar works with the baker to make a cake for Roy; this is the bone-shaped peanut buttery cake they make.

LeVar Burton and a bunch of dogs having a party

LeVar Burton sitting at a decorated party table with a bunch of dogs. Roy is at the head of the table. All the dogs are wearing party hats.

LeVar and Roy at the party

A closer shot of LeVar and Roy at the party table; Roy is wearing a party hat and being a remarkably patient dog.

LeVar Burton and Roy at the party closer-up

An even closer shot of LeVar and Roy; LeVar has his hand on Roy's face, and Roy has his tongue sticking out.

LeVar feeding Roy cake

LeVar feeding Roy cake on a plastic fork.

196. Colin Morgan and a koala

Colin Morgan smiling as he holds a koala to his chest; the koala has its paws on his shoulders.

197. Michelle Yeoh and an orangutan

Michelle Yeoh wearing a uniform polo shirt with her hair tied back in a ponytail; she's bottle-feeding a young orangutan through the bars of a cage. (Michelle Yeoh volunteered at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and has adopted one of the orangutans there.) (Michelle Yeoh bottle-feeding orangutan large)

198. Michelle Yeoh and an orangutan 2

Michelle Yeoh in the same outfit as above, but also wearing glasses and feeding a young orangutan fruit. (Michelle Yeoh feeding orangutan fruit large)

199. Samuel Jackson and two snakes

Samuel Jackson wearing sunglasses and a hat and two snakes around his neck. One of the snakes might be a python and the other an albino python? This shot is from the premier of Snakes on a Plane.

200. Samuel Jackson and a snake

Samuel Jackson wearing a different hot and glasses, holding a snake near its head to look it in the face.

(Post 1 with many puppies and Doctor Who actors)

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THANK YOU FOR THIS PUBLIC SERVICE. Kaneshiro Takeshi with a puppy has made my day omg. :D


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