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And, having made it through lord alone knows how many Sentinel-bonding stories, I feel entitled to be random and post Funny IM Conversations. Because I know you all care what [ profile] waywardwords and I think would happen if the actors in Top Gun were played by ducks, or what [ profile] darthrami and I theorized about the NID's curtains. Or maybe just because I don't want to lose said randomness later.

Apparently swans and ducks are inherently funny, just like squid:

[ profile] waywardwords: BEWARE THE SWAN!
[ profile] eruthros: It is an EVIL swan.
[ profile] waywardwords: Swans can be.
[ profile] eruthros: It will eat all the ... whatever swans eat... so that others may starve.
[ profile] waywardwords: Ravenous swans!
[ profile] eruthros: Ravenous rampaging swans VS Godzilla!
[ profile] waywardwords: lol.
[ profile] eruthros: They destroy Tokyo!
[ profile] eruthros: Again!
[ profile] waywardwords: Next up: Mothra vs. the Angry Ducks!
[ profile] eruthros: Mothra is so going down.
[ profile] waywardwords: QUACK.
[ profile] waywardwords: (They're sinister, you know.)
[ profile] eruthros: *laughs*
[ profile] eruthros: SINISTER ANGRY DUCKS.
[ profile] eruthros: They fly in formation.
[ profile] waywardwords: ATTACK DUCKS!
[ profile] eruthros: There could be a prequel which was like Top Gun.
[ profile] eruthros: But with ducks.
[ profile] waywardwords: lol
[ profile] waywardwords: And Goose will... really be a goose.
[ profile] eruthros: Yes. But a goose who thinks he's a duck.
[ profile] waywardwords: lol. exactly.
[ profile] waywardwords: And then the Tom!duck will grow up to believe in the Alien Ducks.
[ profile] waywardwords: Scientology for Mallards.
[ profile] eruthros: And is against any form of medication that might make Goose realize he's a Goose.
[ profile] eruthros: In part because Tom!Duck is sekritly in love with Goose!Duck.
[ profile] waywardwords: Exactly.
[ profile] eruthros: And they took down Mothra together in a moment of sekritlygay!duck bonding.
[ profile] waywardwords: lol....
[ profile] waywardwords: And then the gay penguins will show us all the one true way....
[ profile] eruthros: That's the sequel, I think.

And when [ profile] darthrami was over, we briefly talked about the fandoms that could actually support curtainfic. Later, on lj:

[ profile] eruthros: Also? Maybourne totally has a crush on Jack O'Neill.
[ profile] darthrami: :-)
[ profile] eruthros: Seriously! I mean, he's always calling from the Cayman Islands and wanting to know how Jack's doing...
[ profile] darthrami: ...
[ profile] darthrami: does he ask about curtains?
[ profile] eruthros: No.
[ profile] eruthros: Usually he asks about the NID and if they're all managing to stay disentangled from the Shadow Government sorta thing.
[ profile] darthrami: ahhhh
[ profile] darthrami: does he ask about the shadow government's curtains?
[ profile] eruthros: ... well, he SHOULD.
[ profile] darthrami: :-D
[ profile] eruthros: That would rock. He should totally appear behind Jack's SUV, like he does, and say "It's me, Jack. I just came by the ask you about the shadow government's curtains."
[ profile] darthrami: *giggles*
[ profile] eruthros: And Jack would be all "you! and what does that have to do with anything?" And Maybourne would simper, all "you don't know about the curtains, Jack?"
[ profile] eruthros: It would be the best curtainfic EVER.
[ profile] darthrami: YES
[ profile] darthrami: you should totally write it
[ profile] darthrami: and post it
[ profile] darthrami: and I would leave OMG I LOV U comments
[ profile] darthrami: and ask you to write a sequel
[ profile] eruthros: Heee. But what could the sequel possibly be?
[ profile] eruthros: Thor's curtains?
[ profile] darthrami: *dies*
[ profile] eruthros: (Thor also totally has a crush on Jack, actually.)
[ profile] eruthros: (So that would make sense!)
[ profile] darthrami: curtainfic 2: return of the curtains!
[ profile] eruthros: Thor holographically projects himself into the gate room: "Colonel O'Neill, the Asgard must speak to you on a matter of supreme importance."
[ profile] eruthros: And it turns out that they need help picking curtains for the human-sized stateroom in the new ship. Or possibly they need to put curtains in the Replicator ships as part of some complicated scheme to kill said Replicators.
[ profile] darthrami: *dies*
[ profile] eruthros: And Jack's all "why didn't you get *Maybourne* for this? He LIKES curtains!"


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