Jan. 23rd, 2003 08:37 pm
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Funniest. Thing. Ever.

Well, at least in the last couple hours.

Hal's humor LotR slash story: If I Were Queen of the Forest.

The elves showed them to a clearing where Galadriel waited, along with many other elves with torches. The flickering light made them all look a little scary. Except Galadriel, who was glowing faintly in the dark.


Frodo's limpid eyes filled with tears. "What would I do without you, Sam?"
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I must admit to a certain prejudice against the adapters and writers of the movie version LotR, but I think it's based in fact. Last year, back before the movie came out, I read an interview in which they said they'd gotten so good at the tone that they couldn't tell which lines were theirs, and which were Tolkien's. I thought: wow, that sounds promising.

Then I saw the movie. And I went: okay, I can tell and I'm not the biggest Tolkien fan by any means. The lines that resonate are Tolkien's. The lines that suck are yours. Case in point: the Arwen/Aragorn goodbye scene.

And then I thought: wow, if they can't tell the difference between "I will diminish, and go into the West, and remain Galadriel" and "The Shadow does not hold sway yet; not over you, not over me," well, that's a bad sign.
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I've decided to read LotR again, because I love the book, and I keep thinking about my favorite moments. This is probably a very bad idea; last year I read FotR just before seeing the movie, and was incredibly irked by the lack of grittiness and the dumbed-down characters and the... well, and so on. I mean, I recognize the changes they had to make to turn it into a movie. Hard to fit Tom Bombadil in, and definitely you need to abbreviate the extensive "camped. was cold. and hungry. argued about best way to go. was frightened by animals. still hungry." But that end scene with Aragorn, who in the book is the steadfast and incorruptible, the symbol of all that is good in humanity, just to make his decision easier to explain? Oy.

But I'm gonna do it anyway; I don't remember Fanghorn Forest nearly well enough.

In other news, my mother came up with what I believe to be the best capsule review of LotR:FotR ever. She'd never seen it, because she felt she'd imagined it quite well enough, thanks. Yesterday, we made her watch five minutes to get an idea of what the movie was like. Her reaction: "It's like watching a moving Thomas Kincaid painting. Why would anyone want to watch a moving Thomas Kincaid painting?"

Dead on: LotR:FotR was soft-focus all the way. The CGI was soft-focus. Liv Tyler and all the characters were soft focus versions of their book selves. Soft-focus and incredibly clean. The acting was soft-focus. The music was soft-focus and, I might add, totally unlike the pieces Tolkien wrote. I hope the second movie is more true to the spirit of book.


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