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Best. Stargate crossover. Ever. (Drabble.) Unsatisfactory Report.

Also, today [ profile] m_shell and I had fun and invented a recipe -- pomegranate-sauce salmon with onions and chard on mixed rice. It was quite good, although were I to do it again I'd either try harder to track down pomegranate molasses in Philadelphia (ha!) or I'd reduce the juice further -- it was really, really good but a bit too liquidy for me. I think I'd throw some of the pomegranate seeds in as soon as I was sauteing the onions, too, instead of waiting until I added the salmon. Still good. Mmmm. (For reference: in one pot, cook rice. In another pot, reduce pomegranate juice. In skillet, saute onions. Use pomegranate juice as de-sticker if necessary. Add salmon fillet and a good jot additional pomegranate juice and pomegranate seeds. Cook about 5 minutes/side. Add chard just before done. When serving, top with reduced pomegranate juice and additional seeds. Or pomegranate molases if you have it.) Which dinner menu made me think of Calico and Julad's Lustre, one of about three Harry/Draco stories I actually liked.

Last night, we watched some eps of Smallville that we'd missed in the original run -- I totally spotted wosshername who played Cassie in BtVS in about twelve seconds in "Shimmer," which is a really lame episode name. Also, hey, fat-eating mutants! I think I saw that once on the X-Files! (Smallville, the show you love to mock. Or at least giggle about.)


Jan. 23rd, 2003 08:37 pm
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Funniest. Thing. Ever.

Well, at least in the last couple hours.

Hal's humor LotR slash story: If I Were Queen of the Forest.

The elves showed them to a clearing where Galadriel waited, along with many other elves with torches. The flickering light made them all look a little scary. Except Galadriel, who was glowing faintly in the dark.


Frodo's limpid eyes filled with tears. "What would I do without you, Sam?"


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