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[ profile] thingswithwings and I were talking about [ profile] sockkpuppett's list of the top five vids of 2008 for NY Magazine. And we thought, wouldn't it be great to turn this into a meme and have a whole bunch of people share their top five? And share the joy of these vids all over again?

Turns out top five is really, really hard. Especially when I mostly want to gush and tell y'all to go watch them.

In no particular order:
Best vids of 2008, plus, uh, maybe a couple honorable mentions )

So! That's my top five ... plus. I hope some of you guys pick up the idea and make your own lists, because I want to see the awesomeness that I've missed!

ETA: [ profile] thingswithwings's list is here.
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Also, snakes.

Seriously, guys, I don't care how much you're not into fandom, not into Harry Potter, or not into vids, this is kinda the most awesomest thing ever. Or at least the most awesomest thing ... since I watched Coming of Shadows this morning.

Why is this awesome? Because it is a Harry Potter vid. To a Cobra Starship song. Yes. SNAKES ON A PLANE. No. For serious. Harry has had it with these motherfuckin' snakes on this motherfuckin' plane. And it's not just the basic concept, no, [ profile] dualbunny vids it like a serious song. She finds meaning in lyrics like "we've got a free upgrade for snakes on a plane." That has got to be brilliance. There's narrative arc. There's Harry's pathos and trauma! There's a Voldemort verse, there's Draco-as-the-snake verse, there's David Tennant's tongue for "with tongues so reptilian." There's an owl bobbing its head like its dancing! Okay, maybe that last one isn't a good example, but it's still made of awesome.

Harry's motto, I swear to god: Oh, I'm ready for it! / Come on, bring it.

PS: No spoilers for HP 7 in the comments, I still haven't read it. Which is ... kinda weird. Huh.
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Best. Stargate crossover. Ever. (Drabble.) Unsatisfactory Report.

Also, today [ profile] m_shell and I had fun and invented a recipe -- pomegranate-sauce salmon with onions and chard on mixed rice. It was quite good, although were I to do it again I'd either try harder to track down pomegranate molasses in Philadelphia (ha!) or I'd reduce the juice further -- it was really, really good but a bit too liquidy for me. I think I'd throw some of the pomegranate seeds in as soon as I was sauteing the onions, too, instead of waiting until I added the salmon. Still good. Mmmm. (For reference: in one pot, cook rice. In another pot, reduce pomegranate juice. In skillet, saute onions. Use pomegranate juice as de-sticker if necessary. Add salmon fillet and a good jot additional pomegranate juice and pomegranate seeds. Cook about 5 minutes/side. Add chard just before done. When serving, top with reduced pomegranate juice and additional seeds. Or pomegranate molases if you have it.) Which dinner menu made me think of Calico and Julad's Lustre, one of about three Harry/Draco stories I actually liked.

Last night, we watched some eps of Smallville that we'd missed in the original run -- I totally spotted wosshername who played Cassie in BtVS in about twelve seconds in "Shimmer," which is a really lame episode name. Also, hey, fat-eating mutants! I think I saw that once on the X-Files! (Smallville, the show you love to mock. Or at least giggle about.)
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Ooooh, [ profile] resonant8 has posted a new story! New story new story new story! It's HP/HG/RW, and [ profile] m_shell tells me it's very good. I, being all sensitive to work-safe issues, as it were, am trying very hard to remember to read it when I get home. But everyone should go read it, because [ profile] resonant8 kicks ass.


Also, I have no HP icons. This should be remedied, but I'm kinda uncomfortable with doing icons of Harry or any of the kids because of the Cult around them. I mean, the whole thing where women four times their ages want to have sex with them. Eeek. And Remus has a ridiculous mustache. And Sirius was never my favorite. And Snape icons are a little Cult-of-Alan-Rickmany.

Maybe I should do icons of Gilderoy Lockhart. Or, or, Petunia. Or Dudley with a tail.

Clearly my problem here is that I'm uncomfortable with a fair amount of the tropes of HP fandom. Which is unfortunate, as there's also some really fun stuff going on there.


Ever have someone friend ("trust?") you and defriend ("de-trust?") you inside of, basically, a day? I mean, I'm really horrifically slow at adding people to my friends list, because I forget to do it, or forget to check (because I still have trouble understand why anyone who doesn't already know this would want to read stuff), or am worried about being overwhelmed, but I hope it's not people who are all "well, if she didn't friend me back in two days, I'm leaving!" Or maybe I hope it is those people, because then I can be all "gosh, how immature" and pretend it has nothing to do with anything I say or do. Not that I'm in denial or anything.



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