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1. I had a dream the other night in which I won the lottery. I spent the entirety of the dream filling out forms and visiting accountants and dealing with, like, filing taxes and mutual funds. I didn't even get to spend any of it, but on the other hand it seemed so realistic and plausible that I woke up and simultaneously thought "but I don't even buy lottery tickets" and "shit, I forgot to fill out form 27-B." Let me just say, though, how bummed I am that I couldn't even buy a pony in a dream about winning the lottery.

Anyway, I blame the episode of Numb3rs with the ridiculous lottery plot.

2. Speaking of Numb3rs, now I am out of Numb3rs -- I ran out of show without noticing. And some moderately spoilery things happened )

3. I have learned how to hardcode subs into an avi file when I get them in srt format, which is ... not the usual direction I'm trying to go! But it's handy for making clips of things to share. If this is a thing you are also interested in, and you're on a PC, this is what I did )

4. Oh my god you guys our upstairs neighbors have been trying to save money on trash tags by throwing "compost" in a corner of the backyard.

At first we thought it was, like, some random neighbor trying it once, or a broken trash bag, or something that was thrown over the fence, because there were candy wrappers and shit in it. So we covered it with leaves and dirt and sprinkled clover seed mix on it, because we don't have enough leaves to really compost here. But NO, because today there is MORE, plus they left out the plastic bin they use to collect their "compost." So it is clear that this is on purpose, as if they can compost by just throwing down whole tomatoes and peppers and corn cobs and the occasional candy wrappers on top of the dirt and leaving them there in a pile. Without stirring. Or adding dry leaves or yard waste. Household trash alone does not make a free-standing compost pile, upstairs neighbors. It just makes a moldy mess, ugh ugh ugh.
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Or I could call it "[personal profile] eruthros wants to hit people with fish." Items one to three, anyway.

1. Oh my god, seriously? Rush Limbaugh says volcanic eruption in Iceland is God replying to the United States health care bill. SERIOUSLY YOU GUYS. Apparently God talks to America by grounding flights and stranding people in airports and toxic ash in Europe and the Northern Atlantic. (With global economic effects, but somehow I don't think that's what he's talking about.)

The degree to which I often want to hit some fellow Americans with fish and say "hey, guess what, the world STILL doesn't revolve around you" cannot be measured.

2. LJ is using javascript to mess with links again. Only this time, it's "transparent!" I do not think that means what they think it means.

3. Also on LJ, transfail in the writers block question, and then more transfail equating trans* folk to criminals.

4. In happier news, guys, I was so startled and pleased by this scene from numb3rs:

For a couple of reasons! One, I was a quiet David/Colby shipper back when I watched the show regularly -- there didn't seem to be much of a fandom for the pairing, and I wasn't all that into the show itself some of the time, so I just quietly imagined hugs. (But would happily take recs if there's a bigger fandom now!)

And two, because it feels like a scene that was written for comedy -- taking the dialogue and the blocking by themselves, it's kind of haha-gay-is-funny-as-if-these-two-guys-could-possibly-be-gay. But the actors and director don't let it go that way! They're like, no, Colby will pull out David's chair in a quiet way, nobody's going to lisp or do limp wrists, and so it ends up more sweet than poking-fun. David ttly can order wine for both of them! And Colby ttly knows that David doesn't want to order shellfish! Because they spend all of their time together! And should have hugs.

Which is to say, I have been watching the parts of numb3rs that I missed or happened after I stopped watching. And I have been surprised by how it's sometimes a thoughtful show! About rape and about the power of authority and about inciting terror by pretending to stop it and about how the FBI has screwed up sometimes! And how sometimes there are FOUR women on the show and THREE of them are women of color and they have conversations about WORK! And how Don goes to synagogue! And how Larry can be read as on the autism spectrum, and the rest of the characters think he's a little "weird" but everyone respects him and his thing for white food! And how Megan says, okay, Larry, if you want to schedule when we see each other so that dating isn't overwhelming, let me know what the schedule is, and they have Tuesday lunches and every other Thursday dinners and that's totally fine! And also how David and Colby should have hugs.

Like, they fail sometimes -- and sometimes they fail hard, as cop shows are wont to do -- but overall, it's surprisingly not painful!

... okay, my standards are maybe a bit low.
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... Also? Apparently? Someone on the numb3rs season 3 music list is a total fan, because 3x05 "Traffic" starts with the John Butler Trio's "Zebra." (Me: oooh, where's Ray?) And 3x06 "Longshot" starts with "Bohemian Like You." (Me: wait! who's that guy just hanging at your pad? Ronon! Oh, just some dude at the track. Sigh.) And a fan of [ profile] astolat to boot, 'cause I think both of those are her vids.

This is the sort of thing you only realize when you watch episodes back-to-back.
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Larry Fleinhardt wrote an article on zero point energy!

And then he was recruited to work on the international space station! By NASA!

... so my question is, why isn't Larry Fleinhardt on Atlantis yet?
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Tonight's NUMB3RS: half urban legend, half after-school special.

I mean, seriously. Larry gave Don a thumbs-up when he registered to be an organ donor.

Also, if anyone thinks that the organ donation system works like a standard economic market, I recommend the book Twice Dead by Margaret Lock. Also many articles. Also go talk to any medical anthropologist. Oy.

I have declared this post spoiler-free 'cause the premise was in last week's preview-thingy. *nodnod*


Aug. 14th, 2005 10:36 pm
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So yesterday I gave my sister the part of her (v. belated) birthday present that she didn't already know about. (The part she did know about couldn't be a surprise -- we went to the yarn store in Orinda, and she picked out her first yarn, and I got her bamboo needles to match and a cheapo practice yarn to futz with first, and taught her to knit.) Anyway, I got her a card game that won both best party game of the year AND Mensa's best game award -- which is a really odd combination, you have to admit -- and yesterday we pulled it out after dessert and played four games and our whole group of early-to-bed-ers stayed up until after midnight and didn't even notice and laughed hysterically. I pulled muscles laughing so hard. And then today we played again after dinner -- "just one short game" that turned into three games, with much giggling. In short: I highly recommend Apples to Apples.

Also, I have this ridiculous plot bunny where, see, there are these NID-related bad guys who have an Ancient artifact that will Do Impressive Stuff, but they don't know exactly what, and they want to find out, and they go all "huh, we need really smart guys who won't shoot us" and then they think "hey, we have handy connections to the government and know all about these civilian consultants" and then they kidnap Daniel Jackson and Charlie Eppes because they think the two of them will be, you know, polite and malleable and little wussy civilians. And wham! The two of them are thrown into a cell together (in an abandoned warehouse, natch) and Daniel's all "Doctor Daniel Jackson, linguistics and archaeology, but I imagine they want me because I'm a polyglot -- I've done some translation work as a consultant with the government." (This is largely because I want Daniel to say "polyglot" instead of being all "hey, I speak 43 languages because I'm a linguist.") And Charlie's all "how odd, I'm Doctor Charlie Eppes, applied math, and I do consulting work with the government too."

And so they work out that The Baddies must want them to do some work, and Daniel's all "well, whatever it is, we can't do it," and Charlie asks why, and Daniel says "I take civilian consulting jobs -- don't you?" and Charlie says yes, and Daniel's all "well, I didn't turn anyone down recently, which means it must be something bad enough that they couldn't even imagine asking me in a more... standard way." And then Charlie starts freaking out, but it only lasts a minute because he's trying to be all reasonable and practical and because he knows Don will come get him. And he asks why Daniel isn't freaking out, and Daniel's all "oh, government work, weirdest things happen to you, and my team's always managed to get me out."

And obviously the baddies need Daniel's input first -- he has to do the translation so Charlie can do the math parth that will make it go boom -- and they try to be threatening but Daniel's all raised-eyebrow and crossed-arms at them, and he points out to Charlie that they can't try to get Charlie to do the math until Daniel does his part, so obviously it's Charlie's job to think of a way out of there while The Baddies haul Daniel away to a different room and try to be scarier than the Goa'uld, which Daniel is completely unimpressed by. And Charlie's left perusing the cell and trying to put escape plans together and estimating the weight-bearing load of the air ducts and thinking about ways to send a message or leave a clue.

And meanwhile back in L.A. Don's getting nervous about Charlie, and Larry notices he's missed a class, and they start trying to look for him, which gets the attention of the SGC and General O'Neill, who is naturally really worried about Daniel and thinks that Charlie's disappearance would be a ridiculous coincidence, and so Jack flies off to L.A. so that he can smile tightly at Don and make oblique threats about having the investigation taken away if Don doesn't cooperate, and insist on being called "General," and Don gets all crabby about jurisdiction, and sends Terry and David off to investigate and report only to him, and Larry's making tentative comments and trying to keep them from killing each other. But Jack and Don both diss the other's consultants, and then Jack has to be all "okay, I'll admit it, he's a pain but, well, he once was imprisoned by some folks who spoke a language he didn't and inside of a day he'd worked out their culture and some of their language and made friends and his guard ending up defending him -- he's that good, and that's why they want him, and that's why I know we'll get him back, because he don't take no shit." And Don's all "look, I didn't want Charlie to work for me just because he was my brother, right? He can do this shit in his head, and he's always been able to, I'm lucky to have him since he could be consulting with anybody, don't let his record put you off, he'll just keep picking at a problem until he solves it, and in this case that problem is his imprisonment." And Larry ignores the whole thing and just keeps pondering the problem because he wants Charlie back.

And then some other stuff happens, and Daniel and Charlie bond, and they escape/get rescued, and then start going out for coffee, and Daniel finds out that Charlie has a high enough security clearance to hear about the Stargate, so he invites Charlie to the SGC, and Charlie is intrigued but not enough to leave L.A., and I guess it has to end sorta bittersweet long-distance relationship because obviously Charlie's not leaving his house or his work with Don, and Daniel's not leaving the Stargate program, but it would still be fun.


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