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1. OMG, guys, Alliance finally released Once a Thief on DVD (not yet on, but it's on It's a show of my fannish youth (listen, Krycek was on it, okay), and most of it has never been available on DVD at all. I plan to buy it get it from netflix and revel in the evil clowns and the fight scene on trampolines and that time people fenced with chainsaws and the general John Woo-ishness of it. *points up at icon of Li Ann with two guns* Look she jumps sideways out from behind pallets of stuff to fire two guns at evil clowns. How can I not like that!

Also, if any of y'all know of any good Li Ann/the Director fic, plz send it thisaway. Or the Director/Mac d/s fic would also be welcomed.

2. I really hate having conversations with people who assume that if I don't like something, it must be because I don't get it, and if they just explain then eventually I'll go "oh gosh, you know, my visceral negative reaction and/or my political objections have now totally vanished! I'll go and draw sparkly hearts around it now!"

I mean, obviously people like different things than I do for a variety of reasons, and obviously people can disagree with me about whether something is problematic. But, oh my god, if I could stop talking to people who assume that it's because I just didn't understand the underlying message and if I understood everyone's intent then I would just love it and and and...

3. I have had no success googling this and my physical therapist is an asshole, so I turn to you, the internet! One strange thing that has started happening to me lately is this: I lean over forward to reach the ground, with my knees bent slightly, and I spend some time that way, pulling weeds or picking stuff up off the floor, and within a minute or two my legs go immediately and critically wobbly. And then if I stand up, which is always really difficult, my legs are weak and shaky, and it can last for hours. Hours in which I basically can't stand and have to lever myself up out of chairs and use my cane or hold onto things because I'm dangerously unsupported.

I asked my PT a while ago if this was a particularly weak or stressed muscle somewhere I should be working on or if it was some other kind of problem and she was like "whatever, people's bodies change sometimes, keep doing your core strengthening exercises." But it feels like somewhat more of a problem than that! Especially because it's newish in the last year and because I've been doing those exercises and incidentally my core strength is fine and because my knees are already hypermobile so with the added instability I really do have problems walking and standing. But I know nothing about soft-tissue structures, so: does anybody know what the hell is going wrong there?

4. Man, sometimes I want to make the "take JMS's heavy-handedness out" cut of Babylon 5. Like, every time he does a scene twice, to make sure we get the emotions of it (*cough* finale *cough*)? Take out one of the scenes. Every time there's that extra scene at the end of an episode even though the emotional resolution clearly happened with (usually) G'Kar's or (sometimes) Londo or Delenn's amazing and brilliant scene? Take it out. I don't need to see the captain reflecting on G'Kar or Londo or Delenn or whoever's amazing plot in order to get it, guys, I don't need jms's stand-in to tell me how to feel, because, you know, other people are having amazing scenes and acting brilliantly in them? And I feel things for them?

I mean, we just watched "Passing Through Gethsemane," which - spoiler-free version! - involves the same character explaining the story of Gethsemane twice. To make sure we get the metaphor. It's relevant to his life situation, guys! FYI! And it's already the title, jms, so you seriously don't need one of those two scenes.

I love the show in a lot of ways, but geez.
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Honestly. I can find endless pictures of Vic and Mac sitting on sofas. Talking to people. Buying coffee. On their cell phones.

Come on people. It's technically called John Woo's OaT. I can assure you that the characters absolutely do not spend more time buying coffee or on their cell phones than they do shooting at clowns on trampolines.


Jan. 16th, 2004 04:07 pm
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So it was down to something really freezing last night with the windchill and all. And you'd think that'd be a stumper for me, as a native Northern Californian, but really I don't have difficulty dealing with the cold. It's different, sure, but I'm not sitting there going "this is so wrong and I don't know how to deal! Ahhhh!" or anything. I mean, I already know the principles of dressing for the cold. No problem. I expected the cold to be an issue, but really, it's no big. I walked out and did shopping a while ago and was totally fine. In fact, I thought I'd somehow managed to hit the warm part of the day until I realized that there were ice crystals at the tip of my ponytail where my hair was still a little damp.

But the snow -- that is a stumper. I know how to deal with things that are wet and cold; it rains a lot in California. Wool, check. Wicking fibers, check. Waterproof over the top, check. But it sticks on the ground! It's white! You can't see a damn thing when it's coming down. People drive like maniacs. It ices over. It sticks to your clothes. It's just too weird. So that's gonna take some getting used to.

Do you ever get really grateful to finally see the 63/63 or 87/87 post of a long WIP? Not because you like the story and now there'll be a fun conclusion but because it's finally over and won't be spamming your inbox any more? And people won't be talking about it and quoting the whole damn post to say "wow!!!!! this is getting so good!!!"? I mean, sure, you can filter stuff straight to trash based on the story name, but not if you're on digest, and you still won't catch everything. That's why I left DIEF and DSX back in the day. Occasionally something good came through, but it was swamped by these ten or so teenage girls posting Fraser/Thatcher, and each of them would post six or seven times a day, and then when they finally got to part 87/87 and you breathed a sigh of relief there'd be a SEQUEL. Christ almighty.

This message brought to you by Some Harry Potter List, I Didn't Check Which.

Also, GIP. I haven't decided if I like this icon best, or if I prefer a different one, or what. The background's a double-hard mix; a single comes out a kinda silly purple. I also played with desaturating the background, no hard mix, and stuff like that... but I still don't know how I feel about it. Except that Zoe has two guns. Two. I'm doing a theme. *g*

Now I just need to track me down a OaT screencap from the ep "Drive, She Said." You know. The one where Mac and Vic and Dobrinsky all pull new guns on each other every ten seconds? But I can only find screencaps for the first three episodes, so I may have to settle for just a boring ol' John Woo two-guns moment.

On the other hand, during the search I found Vic/Mac/Dobrinsky kink!fic set during same episode. The concept appears to be that during all the fighting padded handcuffs get involved. Pretty unlikely, but that unlikeness is so trumped by the fact that Dobrinksy's involved that I'm just gonna ignore it. Because Dobrinsky? Dobrinksy? *mind boggles*


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