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1. Packing sucks. This is a general truth. But also:

2. I always think I'm nearly done with packing. I think that every day for the last week before I move -- surely the odds and ends can't take that long! Surely! I must be done now! It is the Zeno's paradox of moving. Damn it, where can I pack the hook thing? And why can't I get the bolt off to disassemble that furniture?

3. The previous? That is maybe a thing that is happening to me right now. Apparently, when I put my little exercise bike together, I tightened a bolt so tight that I couldn't get it off with a CRESCENT WRENCH. Problem: it needs to come off, or it won't pack in a box! Problem (2): My WD-40? Yeah, I gave that away in my last move. Because I couldn't figure out how to pack it. *facepalm*

4. Point two suggests that there is always something more to pack. Well, whatever it is, it's probably oddly-shaped and won't go in a box. (I am looking at you, over-the-door rack.)

5. Cleaning. Look, current landlords, I am in a second-floor apartment with single sash windows. You can give me a note saying you'll charge me $30 for window cleaning all you want, I still can't reach the top sash. Which means that in a just universe cleaning them would be your job.

6. The lack of decent food. I last went shopping more'n a week ago. I have eaten a lot of black beans, because they were in the cupboard, and toast, because I needed to eat the bread in the freezer.

7. Being internetless. OMG, they can't come in to hook up the modem until twenty-four whole hours after we move in? But we're [community profile] kink_bingoing!

8. Changing utility companies. "Hi, yes, I would like to transfer my service..." I say, and they say "oh, that'll be fifty dollars for the adminisstrative fees."

9. Changing addresses. I always forget somebody. Always.

10. Did I maybe mention packing once or twice? Because this bullet point is for its somewhat gentler twin, unpacking. And the ... Swedish twin, putting together Ikea furniture.

11. Ever-expanding lists. This is a feature of point two, but also of moving in general, where you make a little list of things to do, and then cross things off all "yay! I must be closer to the end!" but you are not, because you also somehow put twelve new things on the list. (Mine are currently: pack cable modem in first-open box, remember to take the showerhead, take out trash, figure out how to deal with point three. Hey [personal profile] thingswithwings, remember how I said I was on top of it and didn't need any help? That was a LIE. It was a lie that needs some LEVERAGE. Or WD-40. Or a much bigger box for the mini-bike-thing.)
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Me: Hey, here's a neat apartment. Might be too far up the hill, though.
[ profile] thingswithwings: Oh, but look at the picture of the cabinets!
Me: Well, and maybe it's worth living too far up the hill for $950 rent, including utilities. And OSP. Whatever OSP is, this apartment INCLUDES it.
[ profile] thingswithwings, googling: Oregon State Police? Outside Plant Magazine? Office of State Personnel?
Me, looking over her shoulder: oooh, orange smoothie productions! If it comes with free orange smoothies, I'm SOLD.
[ profile] thingswithwings continues googling; I wikipedia.
Me: omg, Oral Service Provider!
[ profile] thingswithwings, laughing: No, seriously?
[ profile] thingswithwings: Wait, how about Online Sexual Problems?
Me: Or, or, Oblate Sisters of Providence?
[ profile] thingswithwings: Off street parking.
Me: What?
[ profile] thingswithwings: It's totally off street parking.
Both: pause. Oh.

For your information, all possible things OSP can stand for, from the freedictionary's acronym page.


Sep. 3rd, 2008 02:00 pm
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So I am sitting at the cafe around the corner from my house, having a coffee and using their internet1 and doing some work. All good, right?

And the girl sitting at the bar using her computer just got up, left her computer and cell phone and keys, and wandered off. That was ten minutes ago. She's still not back. Oh my god, people.

I mean, there are these huge signs in the libraries that say, in essence, "people will steal your stuff! even if you've just gone to the bathroom! don't leave it at the table!"2 and I always wonder why people need the signage -- I can't imagine leaving my computer for half an hour to go print some stuff and find that one book. I leave the AC cable, sometimes, or my books, but ... but ... the unsecured laptop? How does this not make other people go "aaaaah?" How can they do this? I am baffled.

1 It turns out that the reason it took them forever to call me back? Was because my apartment is called new installation, because it has a new apartment number, and they can't get a guy there for new installation until September 17th. So they figured, no rush. I tried to convince them that it had been a different apartment number until two years ago, and there had honestly been cable in there, I was starting at a cable outlet, and they kept saying "oh, no, ma'am, apartment 4F has never had cable" and I'd say "okay, yes, but it was apartment 4!" and they'd say "well, yes, apartment 4 had cable, but you're not requesting installation of roadrunner service in apartment 4." And eventually I gave up, because it was clear that this was not on their phone conversation flow sheet. SO.

2 This is about as effective as the signs that say "These computers are for research. Please do not spend an hour on facebook on them. Hey, notice how people can't access the catalogue here anymore because of the facebooking? Stop it." Or the signs, on the door of the anthro graduate reading room, that say "this room is for quiet individual study by graduate students. Are you a graduate student? Then don't come in." I'm always wandering in and being like "... are you seriously using my reading room to work on your chemistry group project? No, seriously?"
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Actually, I don't have a lot of stuff (as American materialists go, anyway) -- it was basically in the back of my old landlord's pickup, plus a table and some chairs and a dresser in the trailer. My old landlord came in to check out what I was asking him to put into storage and was all "wait, that's it? you're done? this is all?" Me: "um, yes?" Him: "Oh, no problem at all. In fact, there's so little of it I'll probably just leave it in the truck."

Nonetheless, I am completely sick of the stairs to my new apartment, especially the turn halfway up.

Here is my big problem, see: I have a six-foot butcher block table that I am completely devoted to. It has survived several moves, made it up and down steep flights of stairs (Philadelphia, though I might still have the bruises on my hip where I balanced all the weight going up the stairs) and through weird-sized doorways (Ithaca, part one) and been sanded and re-mineral oiled many times and used to roll out pie crusts and to eat dinner and it only cost me $50 at a Goodwill, because it was stained. (To be fair, it was so badly stained that a belt sander was involved in rehabilitation.) But it is a pain in the fucking ass to move. Six foot butcher block table, two inches thick of solid maple: about 175 pounds, and, of course, also bulky and hard to hold onto.

And this time, I'd left it in one piece so that it was easier for my old landlord to put in storage -- there are no handles on the top of the table without the legs on -- which meant we had to get it out of the trailer, up the driveway, put it upside-down on the grass, take off the legs, get the top of the table up the stairs and around several corners, and then get the legs back on.


On the other hand, I am now sitting out on my extremely large balcony that I plan on using as a living room while it's warm enough, in a rocking chair, on the internet. So there is that.


Also, this xkcd would entirely describe my situation right now, as I am waiting for the Roadrunner internet guys to phone me back about installation, except that I can get the far edge of a Clarity Connect wifi network from here, and while I am too cheap to pay $10 for two hours of internet in the airport, $15 for a month seems totally reasonable now give me the internet now no now. So I have wifi, but it's really really slow, and downloading vividcon vids = also slow. Woe.
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So I finally finished packing -- I was nearly done, but despairing of those last few things, late last night. And then [ profile] graycastle came by yesterday evening, AFTER she went out with some buddies to celebrate someone's exam, to help me disassemble my dresser. And she was also helpfully decisive at me, because by that point I was so over it that I was like "I don't know! What do I do with the dish drainer? Where does it GO? I only have three things left!1 Why can't I find places to put them!"

And then she let me sleep on her futon (as I had packed all my sheets) and gave me a beer. YAY. And lent me some tape, and helped me finish taping packages this morning. And then, after we had some coffee and muffins, my friend B. came by to pick up the Too Valuable To Let Landlord Put In Storage stuff (photos!), and drove it to [ profile] graycastle's, and then me to the airport, and then I was done, thank god.

BLESS THEM BOTH, is what I'm saying. Never has the idea of a plane flight been so relaxing before. I plan to listen to podfic or maybe just music and nap, you guys. Naps! I am pro.

1. The dish drainer, a pair of boots, and a tea set.
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On the other hand, I now have three fingernail clippers on the coffee table in front of me, one in my messenger bag, one in my toiletries going into storage, and one in my backpack. And one I threw out, because it didn't cut anything.

Total pairs of fingernail clippers I could find last week: one.

And this happens to me every time I move: fingernail clippers, scissors, Sharpies, and other miscellany come pouring out of drawers. And I wondered what y'all find when you pack up your stuff on this scale. Is it fingernail clippers for everyone? Or does somebody suddenly find, I don't know, flip-flops?

[Poll #1194626]
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*sighs* Man, utilities suck. Apparently Verizon was supposed to tell me, when I signed up for phone service, to be at the apartment on the day that they were going to switch the phone on. And yet they did not. (Also, they came by the day after they told me that they were going to switch the phone on, so I wouldn't have been here anyway.)

So I got a phone call after they left the apartment telling me to reschedule, because they needed to get into my apartment, and I was all "reschedule what? with who?" and the person didn't leave a return phone number and they aren't there on weekends and I finally talked to someone, and he was nice and efficient and voluntarily offered to waive $55 worth of bill for the trouble. The only problem? There aren't any scheduled openings until Friday afternoon. I can't take this slow, low-signal-strength, constantly-disconnecting, stolen wifi until Friday. I will go mad, I tell you. Mad!
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... did y'all know that google does rentals now? Search for "rentals" "cityname" and bing! up pops a search box for their rental aggregator. Sort of a function of google local, apparently. I was googling for a particular agency, and suddenly ... there it was. Little box of weirdness. Even though it's theoretically an aggregator, though, it's not as cool as craigslist.

Dear google: please leave some internet for everyone else.


In other news, I totally conned a prospective landlord into getting someone else to show me around tomorrow, by being polite but noncommittal about showings on other days -- "well, as I'm sure you're aware, when you're renting from a distance, you'd really rather find the perfect place immediately and not have to make as many trips." *boogies* This makes me really happy, because it was really the only place that said "no" that I was actually sad about not seeing. Most of the others made me say "eh." (There's another one that hasn't returned my call, which is also sad, but there's nothing I can do about it.)

ETA: The rentals thing worked for every city I popped in, but [ profile] darthrami just said it didn't work for her. And she's right; it only pops up automatically for some cities. (Maybe the cities where google maps is integrated?) If it doesn't work for your city, try Philadelphia, and then you can mess with it after you see the rentals box.
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... It just started raining here. They're predicting winds up to 30 mph. I may be on crack, but that doesn't seem bad at all. I mean, I've surveyed on sand dunes with a nice 300 foot drop off to the Pacific in 30 mph winds.

Still, it's really weird to see rain, gray skies, and wind rustling the trees, and instead of thinking "mmm, hot chocolate and fireplace" thinking "do we have any more mango sorbet?"

The apartment's still a mess; I've been putting furniture together. Today I went by the Laurel Hill Cemetery, walked around, got hit on by a guy with a gold front tooth (who was very blunt, and after I said no asked if I had any sisters or girlfriends), looked at old memorials, and left before I got rained on.
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So. As y'all know, I'm moving to PA. I flew there the 7th through the 13th to take a look around, and, most importantly, unload the moving truck that was supposed to be joining us Monday the 11th.

The flight there was fine (non-stop -- how'd that happen?) and I got to ride the new monorail at SFO. Whee, monorails! I just have this Thing.

The weather in Philadelphia, though, was ... exciting? They tied the previous record for most consecutive days of rain in August while I was there. On Saturday, we got to make a fun u-turn because of downed trees. And people actually had to have their hazards flashing because you couldn't see anything.

Did some site-seeing, got oriented, got sick. Really sick. Dizzy and couldn't walk sick. Vacations are just lovely like that.

South Street was fun, though. Pacific/Telegraph/the Haight, but with famous kosher delis and three sex toy shops. The art museum is about the most gorgeous building ever built. We got to see crew teams racing in the rain that took down trees. I went to the Germantown UU service on Sunday with [ profile] m_shell, which probably means that the world is coming to an end. The church is purty, tho.

Our neighborhood is nice, although not gorgeous in the Old East Coast House With Grounds sort of way (as if we could afford those). There's a corner store (with ice cream), and three delis, two pharmacies, a bank, several old churches, umpteen restaurants, a hiking goods store, and a post office within a couple blocks.

We live within a few blocks of the Laurel Hill Cemetery, too -- it's a giant historical cemetery. We wandered around there for a while. It's right over the river, and pre-dates the bridge, so they used to do processions with the coffin in boats. Alas, we found very few famous people, as the cemetery is massive and we didn't buy the little Guidebook. However, as we are nearby, I will continue wandering, and one day I really will find famous people. And fun headstones that say things like "Mary Smith, best medium, in town, 213 Main Street" (we really did see one like that -- it read like a business card). I always want to find one like this acrostic on a modern headstone. I love headstones.

Tangent: My personal favorite tombstone is from Lincoln, Maine:
Sacred to the memory of Jared Bates,
Who died August the 6th, 1800:
His widow, age 24, lives at 7 Elm Street.
Has every qualification for a good wife,
And yearns to be comforted.
I just think that's great.

Manayunk's a slightly longer walking distance, and there's a movie theatre there, but it's kinda Classy Small Stores. The Manayunk Brewing Company has good beer, yes, and there're coffee shops, but also -- Prada shoe stores. Not, I think, my ideal neighborhood.

Sunday, I got sick. Monday, remained sick. Tuesday, still sick but went to meet [ profile] m_shell for lunch, wandered the neighborhood, and took [ profile] m_shell to dinner at the Manayunk Brewing Co. You'll notice no mention of the truck? Right. That's because it didn't arrive until Wednesday morning at 7 am. You may remember that I flew out Wednesday. Sounds like fun, no? More on that in a bit.


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