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Arnold Schwarzenegger, in his endorsement of John McCain: "That we don't agree on everything, it's clear. Nor do I agree with my wife."

Why Arnold, I didn't know you felt that way about Mr. McCain!

Also, later in the interview: "I feel very passionate about the person that I endorsed, which is McCain. It makes it an interesting discussion at night at home when we have dinner." What he means is that, as his wife is a supporter of Obama, they have many political arguments over dinner, but because of referent problems it's not clear who he's having dinner with.

Of course, none of this can top my favorite Arnold quote ever: "I think gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman."

[ profile] m_shell, on the other hand, quite likes "We are in this situation because of our dependence on traditional petroleum-based oil." She's all "as opposed to ... non-petroleum based oil?"
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One short and silly thing, the other long and full of a queer reading of the ep.

tons of spoilers, assume for all aired eps )

*deep breath* whoof. I have no idea if that makes sense to someone who wasn't involved in the conversation -- let me know if not, and I'll try to figure out where I've gone wrong.
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... so I saw Stage Beauty, based on the play Compleat Female Stage Beauty, this weekend. Billy Crudup plays Mr Kynaston, a real-life male performer who played women's roles, and Claire Danes plays Maria, his female dresser, who becomes an actress when Charles II (Rupert Everett, in a fabulous wig -- he's in the movie just because, when anyone does a film with scary HOMOsexual content, they feel like they need to give him at least a bit part) decides that women should play women.

So. Okay. Could be interesting, yes? But. What it actually ended up being is a film about ... Maria rescuing Mr Kynaston from his hideous and unhappy and unreal and sordid homosexual encounters. I'm sure they think this was Subtle (and thus avoiding Giving Offense), but dude. So, so not.

So Mr Kynaston was trained his whole life to be a girl. His mentor was initially described so vaguely as a "man who took pretty young boys off the streets" that I thought they were proposing a Lurid Male Prostitute Past for Kynaston. And I just can't imagine they didn't notice the resonances. Anyway. His mentor trained all the "masculine mannerisms" and "masculine thoughts" out of him and left him not a woman in a man's body, which would be sad enough, but a man who wants to be a woman (trapped in a man's body) but never, ever can be -- because biology rules destiny. So, as Maria tells him, he can't ever really play a woman, because he can't think like a woman, can't act like a woman, can't be a woman. Nice thoughts for all the trans people in the world, yesno?

And Kynaston has a relationship with the Duke of Buckingham (!), but only when they are onstage after performances, so the Duke can think of Kynaston as a woman -- he doesn't love Kynaston when Kynaston's a man. And Kynaston does think of himself as a woman, during sex. He explains to Maria (who is curious, as of course all modern women would be -- wait, this is Restoration period -- d'oh!) that when two men are together, one is the man and one is the woman, always. (Kynaston also declares that he's "never been with a woman except himself," so he's clearly meant to have had only homosexual experiences.) And then! Maria asks him to show her! So they get all up in the bed, and he has Maria playing the man and himself playing the woman, and she says "not much going on," and he says "well, usually the man has more there," and so naturally they switch places, and then they do this routine where every twenty seconds Maria asks him "and who are you/am I now?" and he says "'re the woman, and I'm the man." And by the end, there's no hesitation, and after that acknowledgment they start to have sex, because Claire Danes has cured him, and he has seen the light, and now he knows he's a man and can have happy healthy relationships with women, and that's all it took to de-gay him. Because, see, gay men are just Confused and don't know how to be Real Men. And they don't have sex with gay men, they are the women to straight men -- the Duke of Buckingham wasn't gay, just a MAN, 'cause he was on top. And then! Finally! At the end of the play! Kynaston realizes that now he can play Othello instead of Desdemona, because now he can feel the Othelloness (having read Othello, I would not consider this a good development), and he is much applauded for his accurate portrayal of manness because Maria has finally taught him to be a man.

I. I mean, my dad turned to be afterwards and said "wasn't that just a lame cover-up of 'Claire Danes Can Cure Gay Men?'" and I said "well, yes." It was so unsubtle and generally blech. It's sad, because it starts well -- all about gender as performative -- but it ends so, so badly. Men, as we know, are men, and women are women, and these lines cannot be crossed.

The L-Word

Mar. 9th, 2005 12:25 pm
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[ profile] m_shell and I have been doing the tv-from-Netflix thing (fun! far, far cheaper than getting HBO and Showtime!) and recently received the first disk of The L-Word.

And. I mean, we've only watched the pilot so far but. Ugh. This has been getting rave reviews and called controversial and tons of people say they like it, but it's basically a soap opera with more sex. And lesbians.

And most of the sex we see isn't even queer! I mean, the pilot introduces us to (la la spoilers ahead la) a lesbian couple suffering bed death (that's not a stereotype or anything, nope) and a het couple with a really nice guy who have sex a couple times but then the girl is STOLEN AWAY by an EXOTIC LESBIAN. With an accent, yet. Just before her boyfriend proposes. Oh, and one can't forget Shane, the evil heart-breaking lesbian. Oh, or the way the LBD couple who want a kid try to trick a guy into making one of 'em pregnant even though neither one of 'em likes boys. Hey, that's some hot sex. Or not. A threesome with total ick. End result: more sex with boys in the pilot that sex with girls. What's up with that?

Notice that none of the lesbians who get to have sex is... a good person? (Actually, I didn't like any of 'em except one half of the couple and the straight guy, who was uber-nice, but somehow I don't think they're going to hook up. I mean, far be it from me to rule out ridiculous plot points in soaps, but that seems a bit too far.)

So, it's basically Sex and the City, except with lesbians. They sit around a table in a coffee shop and gossip a lot about who's having sex with whom. And about how you have to trim your pubic hair to have self-confidence. (As we all know, one cannot be self-confident without bodily modification.) Fun.

Actually, my personal favorite comment on it comes from this Netflix review. This fellow gave it five stars and said: "For all their brilliance, accomplishments, and fantastic careers, the characters on the show, when they aren't actually having sex, have nothing on their minds but lesbianism, the women they lust after, and their lesbian friends. Just as in real life, these lesbians run the gamut from very attractive to drop-dead gorgeous. Even the most masculinized of them are non-threatening, appealingly pouty tomboys. None of them are man-haters. If you want to see beautiful women kissing, flirting with, fantasizing about, and having sex with women (all tastefully done of course), this is the show for you."

It's like... lesbians are such a Weird Thing that surely all they do is Lesbianish. They don't ever, like, talk about politics, or about makeup (except how to use it to pick up girls), or about the World Series.

End grumpy Feminist-Queer Moment.


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