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Also, for those of you who were waiting with baited breath for my opinion on the important lemon issue, I think that [ profile] cesperanza summed it up quite well when she said that it was "like the lemon was a JOHN SHEPPARD PUPPET" and then [ profile] rustler imagined said scene as a little John face scribbled on a lemon, and then Cesperanza said other things and end result = this icon. I overlayed an image of John on the lemon and then made the broadest darn gestures I could with the brush, attempting to mimic sharpie-scribble-on-lemon. (I quite like the little lopsided grin, myself.) (Also, if that makes you wonder if I have ever tried to draw on lemons, the answer is no, but I have tried to draw on oranges. Prop thing, and I don't even remember why there were oranges-with-poetry in the show, but suffice it to say that the orange oil makes it hard to use a sharpie.) So, to recap: phrasing = [ profile] cesperanza's, idea of drawing = "[ profile] rustler's, bad photoshopping = me.

In other words, this is a silly attempt to de-GIPify this GIP, because none of you care in the slightest how I felt about said issue. Still: "be a genius, damnit!!!!" is funny, right?

ETA: Also, transcribing 19th century medical theses is incredibly difficult, not least because they are written in very bad longhand. On top of that, of course, there are puzzling out phrases, like "clitoridean crises" (needs iconage, doesn't it?), and weird sentence constructions, like "Inquire dilligently which precedes the same in enfeebled digestion." Eep.

ETA II: Also, it is free for the taking, if anyone else wants a strange and odd lemon icon.

Date: 2006-08-01 12:14 am (UTC)
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Date: 2006-08-01 01:54 am (UTC)
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Dude, that is so exactly what I pictured, it's almost frightening. *g*

Date: 2006-08-01 03:52 am (UTC)
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John as a bank robber and Rodney as the bank clerk


I would especially love the part where John shoves a kumquat in his face and hisses, "Stick 'em up!"

Date: 2006-08-01 01:05 pm (UTC)
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Western edition, definitely, because then if there's any kidnapping involved, John can make Rodney sit behind him on his horse. That's loads funnier than sharing a motorcycle.

Full disclosure: someone else recently came up with this idea in the context of a stableboy!John/nobleman!Rodney virtual reality adventure, but I think it's too priceless to confine to one scenario.


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