Jan. 22nd, 2009 01:15 pm
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Remember how two weeks ago I said you should buy Emma Bull's book? Please disregard that post.

This is going to come out of left field for some of y'all who haven't seen the context. The brief summary is: Avalon’s Willow posted a critique of Elizabeth Bear’s description of how to write "The Other." Elizabeth Bear said it was valid, and that her lj was a safe space; she then let people leave horrible comments in her lj using all the classics from how to suppress discussions of racism -- completely failing to maintain that safe space. Elizabeth Bear's friends (including Emma Bull) piled on Avalon's Willow (and others), there and in other lj threads, dismissing her concerns, dismissing her writing, dismissing her reading, calling for her credentials.

You can read Emma Bull ([ profile] coffeeem)'s attempt at complete dismissal here, and throughout that comment thread. To pull sentences out of context: "I can't give a lot of weight to a critique of a book and its author that's based on a shallow reading of the book, that doesn't take into account all the text, but substitutes the reader's own expected subtext for what's actually there." ... "But I don't want to go as far as to say that an opinion based on a shallow reading and a reaction to cultural injustice is as insightful as an opinion based on careful consideration of the text."

How to suppress discussions of racism 101. [ profile] coffeeem offers no proof that Avalon's Willow's reading of the book is flawed; she uses her authority to dismiss it instead, and not incidentally to deflect conversation from the content of AW's post, to AW's credentials and AW's emotions and AW's tone. When someone points out to her the privilege inherent in deciding what are deep and shallow readings, she deflects again and says that her questioners are clearly opposed to studying literature -- again, by fiat, by defining terms without allowing question. And in doing so, she completely changed the direction of the conversation, completely dismissed the original post, and hurt people. A lot of people.

I still think that Bone Dance is a good book, but I can't stand the idea that I told you guys to buy a new copy, to send money to the person who began what became a meme and turned a conversation into something uglier, who first declared by fiat that a person of color's reading of a book as racist was shallow and wrong and could be immediately dismissed. She hurt people, and she derailed the conversation to make it -- once again -- all about white people, and she has not apologized. Please don't buy her books. If you want to read them, there are libraries and used book stores and friends who will loan them to you.

I didn't recommend any of these folks' books, and I haven’t read any of their work myself, but these are the other published authors who made similar statements, who continue to ignore the hurt they have done, who have made it clear that they want cookies for being anti-racist while still being racist: Elizabeth Bear ([ profile] matociquala), W*ll Sh*tt*rly, and Sarah Monette ([ profile] truepenny -- she has sort-of apologized, but her apology is not great). Other publishing-related people include Patrick Neilson Hayden (Tor editor) and [ profile] mac_stone, editor of an e-zine. And probably others whose posts or comments I missed, or whose lj names I didn't link to author names.

For a better-written post on the topic of the published authors who have shown their asses, see [ profile] chopchica here. For the comprehensive link roundup to read from the beginning, missing only the posts that were deleted or flocked after the fact, see [ profile] rydra_wong's amazing compilation here. Commentary on [ profile] matociquala's most recent post here, as [ profile] matociquala has been banning people who call her out.

Oh, and: while we're on the subject of authors showing their asses? Robin McKinley, don’t say this shit. You do not get to decide what Barack Obama’s racial identity is, and you do not get to declare him white.

ETA: More on EBear, Emma Bull, and others here; more on the problems of the facile apology here.

ETA 2: Aaaand Theresa Neilson Hayden shows her ass here.


Jan. 9th, 2009 12:11 am
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So, I just got back from a marvelous two days of lounging in hot springs and reading novels -- two of my favorite things!

And I found this on my flist:

Guys, that is the new cover of Emma Bull's Bone Dance for it's re-release this year. I'm thrilled about the re-release; I have two copies of the old version, at least, because I pick it up at used bookstores whenever I find it. (It's hard when the only way you can get someone to read one of your favorite books is to give them your copy.) And I love this book times about a million, so I want everyone to read it. ETA: BUT see what I wrote here for reasons to read it from a library or used bookstore instead of buying it.

But. But but but. This is the old cover:

And one of the things you may notice? Even on that bleached-out cover? Is that Sparrow is not white. And in case people miss it on the cover, Emma Bull points it out in the text. SPARROW. IS NOT WHITE.

Everyone over on Emma Bull's post, including Emma Bull, is all "yay!" -- which I'm sure you have to be, because, well, re-issue, and Emma Bull's post -- but I am more than a little distraught.
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1) A Host of Sparrows, Emma Bull's Bone Dance. Please don't read this if you haven't read the book -- I love the book times a billion, and this story spoils the best part of the book. ( Bone Dance is like B5, in a way: you can't use the best part to convince people to read it, because it's a million times better if you don't see it coming.)

more on Bone Dance and this story )

2) Paradise Lost, which is, uh, NC-17 LOLcats fic with voyeurism.

This is a long facepalmy story )

I hear tell that I have scarred a number of people for life. Um. Yay?

3) Poolside, Cary Grant/Marlon Brando.

details here )


Now, to go figure out who wrote everything I liked, and institute tracking measures.

ETA: Now that I can load the yuletide pages without seeing a screaming snowman, I can report that [ profile] ladygray99 wrote my main story and [ profile] mjules wrote my treat. Thanks to you both!
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It is 11:00 am and no-one on my friends list has posted since 6:00 am.

I mean, I know it's just barely 9 am for you folks on the West Coast, but still... not a post. Not from either coast. (And then I start sounding like Dr. Seuss.) Not even metaquotes! I started to wonder if someone had disabled metaquotes. Because that's five whole hours. Five hours! Someone's bound to post something not-funny to metaquotes every half hour! I start to worry about you all when no-one posts...

I finished my work for the day at 9:15 this morning, and have read many news sources. (I need to thank [ profile] fiatlouis for the subscription he got me for my birthday -- is very useful for whiling away these hours.)

Irritatingly, my supervisor has suddenly declared that I can't read books at my desk when the db is down, because he's worried people will get tetchy at him for not finding enough work for me (no, really?). He decided this, of all times, when my entire computer was downstairs with IT. I fail to see how me not having anything to do without a computer would reflect badly on him, but whatever.

This is especially annoying because I've been reading a lot of fun books lately. I went through a brief Ursula K. Le Guin and Emma Bull phase, so I read a lot of books about being alone in a strange world, about alienation, about being strange and unique and misunderstood.

Ursula K. Le Guin's The Telling )

Emma Bull )

Tons more Ursula K. Le Guin )

Justice Hall by Laurie King )


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