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The [community profile] white_lotus Lunar New Year Exchange Masterlist is up! I ended up making three things for the exchange, all of which are totally id-tastic and the reveal probably wouldn't have surprised anyone who knew me if it weren't for the fact that I rarely make three things in a year.

Title: Ephemera from the Avatar Collection at Republic City University with notes and commentary by the archivists
For: [personal profile] livrelibre
Characters/Ships: non-explicit canon relationships
Notes: no [community profile] white_lotus standard notes; references to post-series events including violence and major character death pre-Korra
Summary: Many of these pieces lack provenience, as they were recovered after the Great Fire destroyed the Kuei Royal Collection at Ba Sing Se University.

The Avatar Collection is not available to the public. Scholarly inquiries should be directed to the Chief Archivist.

This was my 48 hour pinch hit! We had a late drop-out, and so I made this over the weekend - I did the photoshopping on Saturday, then didn't have time to do anything on Sunday because I'd already arranged to go to a museum with some folks. (The de Young's Masters of Venice show, which gave me a migraine and made everyone I went with feel sick and dizzy - wow were those bad labels.) So I finished it up late Sunday and then Monday morning and made [personal profile] chagrined beta it when ze was totally drunk and then wrestled with the AO3 Monday night to try to get the formatting to work out. And after I did that, I did:

Tiitle: Spa Day (titles are hard okay)
For: [personal profile] pleonasm/[ profile] dropsofviolet
Characters/Ships: Katara/Toph, Katara/Aang, lots of implied offscreen relationships
Notes: no [community profile] white_lotus standard notes
Summary: By the twelfth day of the border negotiation, Katara's barely holding on to her temper. She really needs some time off.

This was my four hour pinch hit! I freaked out when we didn't get a pinch hit exactly at a late deadline (though it worked out okay in the end) and did this late Monday night. It's pretty much thanks to [personal profile] glass_icarus, who was very helpful on IM talking about what all of the gaang need and want from each other. Also I was thinking of a great drawing of the adult gaang while I was writing it, but I can't find it now. [personal profile] chagrined betaed this, too, and [personal profile] such_heights also took a look at it.

I kind of want to write tons of other bits of this sort of warm, comfortable, post-series giant established open relationship, too, now: Aang and Zuko on a mountain together, Mai and Ty Lee on Kyoshi, Zuko and Mai visiting Toph, Aang and Katara and Zuko and Mai together in the Fire Nation Capital, Toph hitting Aang with rocks, all these different ways of being friends and lovers.

Title: a deep delight of the blood
For: [personal profile] thingswithwings
Characters/Ships: Katara/Zuko
Notes: The one with kinky bloodbending! It contains many kinks (see tags at the ao3) playing with obedience, control, consent, humiliation, temperature, bodies, and other fun things. Lots of kink, no sex. Characters are their canonical third-season ages.
Summary: "Me. You could practice on me. If I'm telling you that you can do it, it can't be wrong to practice - just in case - "

I wrote the first 4000 words of this for the exchange last year, and then didn't finish or post it because the timing was totally awful and I didn't think [personal profile] thingswithwings would appreciate giftfic at the time. I kept meaning to finish it after that, but never did, because writing is hard and I need deadlines. I did a bit more throughout the year, but didn't actually write the last five hundred words until the last weekend of the exchange. [personal profile] livrelibre and [personal profile] chagrined looked at this and were very reassuring when it had 4000 words and then looked at it again when I'd finished it, because they are awesome, even if I resisted every time [personal profile] livrelibre tried to convince me to take out some semicolons.

Also, I didn't title it until seriously the last minute, when I was despairing of ever coming up with a title and looking at quotes and song lyrics and I hated everything. And then I found this Santayana quote that made me giggle - "To knock a thing down, especially if it is cocked at an arrogant angle, is a deep delight to the blood" - so it ended up being the title even though probably it's about war or something, idk.
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fandom: Fringe/The X-Files
words: 5100
rating: makeouts, no explicit sex
contains: references to X-Files and Fringe-style body horror, mostly offscreen
notes: For [personal profile] lilacsigil as part of [community profile] femslash11. Thanks to [personal profile] thingswithwings for beta and for suggesting "red menace" when I was stumped.

summary: Walter waves his doughnut in the general direction of the desiccated corpses and the cocoon, spraying Broyles' coat with powdered sugar. "You know, this reminds me of Dana's description of prehistoric bug attacks some years ago."

as companionable as solitude )
eruthros: kink: a girl showing off her tongue piercing and studded collar (kink: tongue piercing)
words: 4200
contains: (skip) Incest-related content (mostly about brotherhood, but also including older/younger power dynamics, a scene of pre-pubescent roleplay, invocation of parental authority figures, and humiliation). Other kinks include dirty talk, orgasm control, gunplay, and emotion manipulation. Some dirty talk scenes may read as topping from the bottom or dubcon.
notes: Look, you guys, I finally finished something that I started three years ago for [community profile] kink_bingo! Thanks to [personal profile] chagrined and [personal profile] livrelibre and [personal profile] thingswithwings for encouragement and beta. The title is from the Contemporary English Version of the Song of Songs 8:1, which leaves out the bit about breastfeeding.

summary: "Oh, shit," he says, feeling his face heat with anger and embarrassment. And then, since he's drawn the clerk's attention, "... we're brothers."

if you were my brother I could kiss you )
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So, now I can figure out who wrote my stories!

On This Shore of the World was by [personal profile] sophinisba, and The Outskirter's Quest was by xylaria (possibly [ profile] xylaria?). Thank you both!

I wrote four stories for yuletide this year. Here's how it went:

Dreams, Tranquility, Solitude (Moon 2009 movie). [ profile] aitakute basically asked for dystopia and identity, and I thought: well. I can do that with the film, it's all there already.

In a way, this is a perfect fandom for me -- I love worldbuilding. In another way, well, I spent a really long time watching the movie and trying to figure out, like, the economics of helium three mining, and why three years, and the physics of lunar bases, and when the baby was supposed to be born. Then basically none of that went into the story, but it made me feel better.

La Adelita (Como agua para chocolate | Like Water for Chocolate). This was my first treat; I read the author letter again on Monday night or Tuesday morning, and really wanted to read a story for the prompt. Then I ended up writing a lot of this while I was on the plane on Tuesday. I hadn't read the book or seen the movie since like 1993, but I got it from the library early Wednesday morning and sped through the relevant parts to make appropriate changes (including my facepalm when I realized that Gertrudis canonically joined Villa's army -- I'd totally thought she was a Zapatista) and see how I'd done with tone.

This story is kind of like, things [personal profile] eruthros loves: magical realism, bodies, recipes, women's knowledge. Check. Also I really am going to nominate Around the Day in Eighty Worlds or Hopscotch or something next year.

Rough (anthropomofic web 2.0). Um. Well. I got home from doing all my Christmas shopping in basically two days and I was tired and cranky and I wanted to write some yuletide treats but I just couldn't face looking at source. So I wrote a story about the pages in yuletide archive instead, based on a prompt that I'd seen go by on the pinch hit list that had a line like "or anything really." I was careful to keep it under a thousand words, though, because [personal profile] elynross said somewhere that people could go wild for treats, and use just the fandom if we thought the recipient would like it, but that folks couldn't do that for full-length stories.

The Abbreviated History of the Flashlight (The Lost Room + four other crossovery fandoms). I wrote this in about half an hour, an hour before the end of yuletide uploads. I really liked the idea, but I think it came out very much rushed -- I'll have to try again when it's not, like, "aaaah do I post it or not?"

I also acquired source for two other treats I wanted to write, but I just couldn't face watching anything. Perhaps I will do them as NYR stories.
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1) A Host of Sparrows, Emma Bull's Bone Dance. Please don't read this if you haven't read the book -- I love the book times a billion, and this story spoils the best part of the book. ( Bone Dance is like B5, in a way: you can't use the best part to convince people to read it, because it's a million times better if you don't see it coming.)

more on Bone Dance and this story )

2) Paradise Lost, which is, uh, NC-17 LOLcats fic with voyeurism.

This is a long facepalmy story )

I hear tell that I have scarred a number of people for life. Um. Yay?

3) Poolside, Cary Grant/Marlon Brando.

details here )


Now, to go figure out who wrote everything I liked, and institute tracking measures.

ETA: Now that I can load the yuletide pages without seeing a screaming snowman, I can report that [ profile] ladygray99 wrote my main story and [ profile] mjules wrote my treat. Thanks to you both!


Oct. 5th, 2004 11:36 pm
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I was attempting to distract a friend by writing fiction on Y!M which, as we all know, is sorta like Harlan Ellison's page-posting short story trick, in that you can't go back and change anything. This is the closest I get to actual writing, so I'm posting it for the curious.

Harry/Ron fifteen minute fiction )
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Not so G-yIP. Battlestar Galactica was the first television I was ever fannish about. I knew the canon, I loved the characters ... and I wrote my very first fanfiction.

So my first fanfiction was written before I knew fanfiction or fandom existed. It was a godawful 127K-word epic drawer-fic AU. Lots of names with apostrophes, noble sacrifices, honorable enemies, complicated schemes, and exclamation marks. Starbuck's colony was still destroyed by Cylons when he was a child, but he was never rescued by Colonial warriors. He hooked up with pirates and smugglers, instead, and kind of turned into ... Han Solo with an M.D-Ph.D. (I would feel shame, but I was eight.) Dialogue like this:
"You know that my people could kill you," said Jeneko. "I could be tricking you. Starbuck could be fine."
"I don’t care. I need to make sure that Starbuck will live. This is all my fault." Apollo rushed to his shuttle.

"What the hell are you doing here, Apollo?" Starbuck asked. His breath hissed, and his breathing was labored. "You can be such an idiot sometimes. You know what they can and probably will do to you. What are you doing here? You promised to stay safe. ... Just make sure that you leave here alive. I don’t care, you can use me as a scapegoat. Use me as a hostage! I don’t care! Just get the hell out of here, safe and preferably alive! Go back to your friendly Colonial warriors and Serina and live happily ever after!"
That there is damn bad writing. But at least I got my melodrama from a very good source: this was the show where Apollo confronted Satan because Satan was trying to take over the fleet (so not kidding). And then Satan killed Apollo (still not kidding). Apollo gets picked up by a deus ex machina (and I mean that literally, and I'm still not kidding). And then Starbuck gets picked up by same, sees Apollo lying dead on a bier, and immediately goes into a whole "I'll give you anything you want, just bring him back." I haven't seen the episode in ages, but I think he may even fall to his knees in front of the angels. And Apollo, naturally, is resuscitated and, naturally, remembers nothing. See? The melodrama is definitely canon.

And I wrote slash-without-the-sex, because I couldn't imagine Starbuck and Apollo not wanting to live together. There was a lot of "I'd give my life for him." I had a whole chapter where Starbuck worrying that Apollo's father wouldn't like him.

Oddly, when I wrote in my second fandom, I wrote Mary Sues up the wazoo. Star Wars was the first fandom in which I discovered that other people wrote fanfiction, and the first fandom where I read other people's fanfiction, and instead of writing proto-slash, I wrote unforgivable Mary Sues. I don't know what this says about what I first got out of fandom, but it can't be good. *g*


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