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This is a whole slew of arbitrary mod prizes. All podfic is read by me, and all of it is up at megaupload. In order of length:

Best Kink That's Totally Appropriate in Front of a Six-Year-Old: Into Character by [personal profile] spuffyduds
White Collar, Peter Burke/Neal Caffrey with reference to Peter/Neal Elizabeth, animal play, 4:28
Into Character mp3 | Into Character m4b

Best Use of AU Kink to Reveal Canon Kink: Black Fedora by [personal profile] bluflamingo
White Collar, Diana Barrington/Nola Caffrey, costumes, 4:38
Black Fedora mp3 | Black Fedora m4b

Hottest Kinky Scenario That Never Happens: Control Chair by [personal profile] busaikko
Stargate: Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, fucking machines, 10:49
Control Chair mp3 | Control Chair m4b

Hottest Use of Anachronistic Kink: Hourglass by [personal profile] tristesses
Star Trek: AOS, Christine Chapel/Nyota Uhura, breathplay, 13:41
Hourglass mp3 | Hourglass m4b

Most Heartbreaking: Courage in Pleasures by [personal profile] megyal
Naruto, Kakashi/Iruka, bodily secretions, 16:13
Courage in Pleasures mp3 | Courage in Pleasures m4b

Best Exploration of a Kink: three stories on tentacles by [personal profile] theleaveswant
Swell Memory (Otherness), Star Trek: AOS, Uhura + Sulu/extraterrestrial organism, 8:02
Gripped with Tenor (Sensation and Iconography), The Losers, Jensen/Pooch, 6:40
Make Light Work (Multiplicity), Inception, Ariadne/Arthur/Eames, 4:23
Swell Memory mp3 | Swell Memory m4b | Gripped with Terror mp3 | Gripped with Terror m4b | Make Light Work mp3 | Make Light Work m4b | all three in one m4b

Best Kinky Roleplay Scene: Marcia Militare by [personal profile] temve
Actor RPS, Liam Neeson/Daniel Craig, costumes, 22:31
Marcia Militare mp3 | Marcia Militare m4b
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This is my very first snow day EVER. They got up to 8 inches in the Philly suburbs, and all the schools where I teach are closed. How very odd!

Because [ profile] sineala had today off, as well, we amused ourselves by writing cliche-ridden cop dramas featuring the Hogwarts Giant Squid.

[ profile] eruthros: Ducks are also fun.
[ profile] eruthros: So are squid, actually. Squid are, like, inherently funny.
[ profile] sineala: Hey, they are! Squid! Heh. That's cool.
[ profile] eruthros: That's why the HP Giant Squid is EXTRA funny.
[ profile] eruthros: He's a GIANT. SQUID.
[ profile] eruthros: Squid! Underwater life-saving squid!
[ profile] sineala: Duuude. You know, that would totally be a good crime drama setup. Well, a funny one, anyway.
[ profile] eruthros: *g* Word.
[ profile] eruthros: That could be the theme song. "Squid! Underwater life-saving SQUIIID!"
[ profile] sineala: It would be even better if it made the Law and Order Noise. And the squid had dramatic expressions. Or dramatic ink-squirting.
[ profile] eruthros: I was picturing the credits with images of a stern-looking squid in the background, squirting in some direction or another to whip guns out of ... people's? ... hands, or catch falling ... women? ...
[ profile] sineala: Well, I would certainly be intrigued enough to watch it, anyway.
[ profile] eruthros: Yes! To see the squid heroically save the day!
[ profile] sineala: Totally.
[ profile] eruthros: Or maybe sometimes the squid would FAIL. And then there would be giant-squid ANGST.
[ profile] sineala: With a sad sad squid.
[ profile] eruthros: Yes.
[ profile] eruthros: And maybe sometimes the squid would accidentally have squidall relations with an evil temptress squid.Oh no! What happens then? )
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For those of you who don't read [ profile] officialgaiman or Neil Gaiman's blog at (and there are probably all of three of you), this is a very very important link:

A Study in Emerald.

Yup, that's his story from Shadows Over Baker Street, a book of short story Lovecraft-Holmes crossovers. (Discussion of that book inspired [ profile] mlechan to begin to write her first fanfiction ever -- Holmes/Cthulhu eldritch tentacle pr0n.) And the story's been nominated for a Hugo -- that's why it's online, along with all the other nominated short stories, novellas, and novellettes. A really, really powerful story, and I think my favorite of the selections, although of course I read the book in the bookstore and that was a while ago so I might have forgotten something.

If you've got a moment, you should go read it. Even if you don't know anything about the Lovecraft universe.

(ETA the total random note that it's 55 degrees outside and foggy and overcast -- the exact same weather as in the East Bay right now. It'll get horrible by mid-day, of course, but right now it looks and feels like the Bay Area. When I walked down the hill this morning, the sun was muted and the trees across the way were obscured by the mist over the river. *happy sigh*)

(Edited again to add: there are a few characters in Gaiman's story who are never identified by name, just by obscure reference to canon. You can certainly read the story and still not care who they are -- I mean, it's no big deal. But if you do care, leave me a comment and I'll tell you who they are and how we're supposed to know. In nice white text, even, so's not to spoil it for anyone else. Although I can't imagine it being a spoiler. But some people are really anti-spoiler.)


Sep. 24th, 2003 09:47 pm
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Eldritch Tentacle pr0n. (Phrase is mlechan's.) Cthulhu/Holmes.

'Cause when I told m_shell about the collection of Lovecraft and Holmes crossover short stories, she said "no Cthulhu Holmes!" and I heard "no Cthulhu/Holmes." (I would now like to see slash with tentacles. "Come now. The only way Cthulhu won't destroy the world is if I sacrifice myself, Watson. It must be done for England!" Etc.)


Sep. 24th, 2003 01:48 pm
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Hey [ profile] mlechan -- Are you tired of worshipping Cthulhu by yourself? Do you need a cuddly companion to join you in your dark rituals? If so, check out the Cthulhu Cultist Teddy Bear! (I first heard about this from [ profile] morgandawn -- not trying to steal her mad websearching thunder, as it were.)
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[ profile] mlechan, have you seen this? Hee.


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