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So for reasons that were really no reasons at all, I was looking for this Star Trek: Voy/Seaquest crossover with a Harry Kim/Lucas Wolenczak pairing (no, really). I originally read it five or six years ago on the Belynda's Slash Archive/Complete Kingdom of Slash, back before the CKoS underwent revamping and ended up a weird interface and none of the original stories reuploaded (which is now an irrelevant complaint, as CKoS is kaput). Looking for the current location of something that random is ... not easy.

But! I found it! It is here, at Emerald Night, Cinder's current location. I waybacked CKoS, tracked down the original story, found the author's name (though not the text of the story, which oddly was not waybacked), googled that, found rec lists with her then-webpage, waybacked that (no luck; it was a dencity webpage, which means wayback has nothing), gambled that her current webpage have the same keywords as the dencity webpage, googled for that, and ta-da! (That is much more linear that original, which contained a number of sidetracks that petered out in the same sets of bad links.) All this, just to prove my memory right: it's actually a triple-crossover, since Lucas has a sekrit past with Adam Pierson. (Also, it is about as ridiculous as I remember. ETA: Also, apparently, there are WIP sequels to it in which Q turns Harry and Lucas into bunnies. Um. Also, the same author has a Sentinel/SG-1 story in which Daniel is referred to as a curly-haired anthropologist, which... no.)

Also, why is Seaquest not out on DVD? The first season was fun, even if it was basically underwater TNG.
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I would squee if I were the squeeing type: Martha ([ profile] soulcake) has finished her gorgeous Sentinel/Stargate SG-1/Angel/overtones-of-Lovecraft horror story Tatters, which is a heck of a lot better than my description makes it sound. It's a sequel to Lovely, which can be found at her main page. Y'all remember "Lovely," right? It's that story with the Lovecraftian white city and Daniel influenced by the Light and evil taking the form of IRS agents? That one. Anyway, "Tatters" is fun and gorgeous and has a plot that makes your brain twist and is just generally wheee!

/ rec for the day

Speaking of crossovers, I want to read more crossovers where people try to put things together and get them spectacularly wrong. Like this story Martha just finished. Or torch's China. None of this "Methos shows up, says 'hey! demons!' and Giles says 'you know, there are these other watchers -- are you immortal?' and it's all wrapped up in the first five pages" crap. Really, folks. We watch the show; we've got the background. It makes sense to us. But just think of all the interesting ways other people could read the characters wrong! (And no, thinking Methos is a younger immortal than MacLeod doesn't count.)

Look at Blair and Jim -- tons of exciting stuff going on there, but usually in a whisper. We hear it. Other people don't. And Blair is the one who looks like he doesn't belong. So imagine Mulder putting all of that together and deciding that Jim's just a cop, but Blair's psychic. Or -- even better! Genetically engineered by the Consortium! Maybe he's a runaway from a secret government project! Maybe Blair's not even his real name! (Sadly, Jim and Blair get injured so much on the show that even Mulder couldn't think they were aliens or hybrids for more than ten seconds. Eventually one of 'em would be shot.)

Or maybe SG-1 shows up, and instead of Willow saying "hey, I've seen that arm patch on the internet -- you're part of some secret government project that travels to other worlds, right?" maybe people think they're from another dimension. Because aliens aren't a big part of the Buffyverse mythos -- but demons and dimensions are. Or maybe Buffy thinks they're a coven. Or trying to re-open the hellmouth. Or rogue demon hunters. We've got rogue demon hunters. Or, or, they could be from the Watcher's Council, trying to catch Buffy in a mistake. And what does SG-1 think of Buffy? The answer had better not be "hey, slayers! I read about those once in an article and because I am Daniel I know EVERYTHING." No. They're just kids. They're idiots. They play war games, maybe. They're delusional. They're in a goa'uld's cult and that's how they seem to know something about alien technology (which they call "magic," the weirdos).

Remember early!Krycek? Does he look like an assassin? No. So maybe instead of RayK telling Fraser "he looked mad, bad, and dangerous to know, and probably was an assassin," RayKcould think "crap, how many young lawyers do we need on the case? Plus I bet Stella falls for him."

Please feel free to come up with your own examples. I'm pondering what Methos would think of Clark. (Hint: it's not "hey, an alien.")

Teh Random

May. 17th, 2004 08:36 pm
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Weird things found on the net:
Henry Kissinger/Deep Throat. There are no words.

Also, I was scanning down a list of stories looking for something when I hit a really, um, striking pseudonym -- "Dementia de Sade." So not kidding. Is it humanly possible for anyone named Dementia de Sade to write decent fanfiction? (Clearly, it's not possible for this particular Dementia de Sade: "So in the morning when I don't come to the bridge for my shift, they'll come in here and find me with a bullet in my head (or maybe the wall behind me, I'm not sure how that will pan out....) and blood and brain and skull spattering the walls and ceiling. My brain, the one thing that's allowed me to stay here for so long, will be total mush. No use to anyone anymore. I'm sick of being used.")


Some selections from [ profile] eruthros's Author's Notes Hall of Fame:
Since I have yet to see X2, this will be set somewhere before that. I am going to give Logan back his memory and make Xander his son.
(Ahh, the exposition starts BEFORE the story! How handy!)

I got bitten by the bug and it wouldn't let me go till this was written...was originally written as a VigOrli fic...have changed it to a HP/SS fic.
(Because they're *so much* alike.)
More ridiculous disclaimers, protestations, explanations of male pregnancy, and blame-shifting behind the cut )

And a meme. In theory, this meme tracks how many people click through your meme and all that. So it records the spread of the meme. Not, apparently, by lj user name or anything -- just by number, which is less cool. Still, interesting idea.


Also, the lyrics to this song amuse me no end. (I love Crosspulse. But they're not touring anymore. Sniffle.) It features verses like "o / bein your woman / is a 24 hour - allnightstand - jukeboxmovie / I'm auditioning for the lead / but / everybody's tryin to get into the act" and "from Egypt to Asia / I longed for you / Miami drove me crazy / I horned for you / will you be my baby / will you be my man / I need you in my China / forget about Japan." So not kidding. It really needs the inflection to make the song, though. (That playlist meme for me ended up mostly foreign languages and lyrics like that, so I didn't post it. Maybe someday, when I really feel like transcribing Portuguese. I have one that's mostly rock, a'course, but it's nowhere near as interesting.)
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For those of you who don't read [ profile] officialgaiman or Neil Gaiman's blog at (and there are probably all of three of you), this is a very very important link:

A Study in Emerald.

Yup, that's his story from Shadows Over Baker Street, a book of short story Lovecraft-Holmes crossovers. (Discussion of that book inspired [ profile] mlechan to begin to write her first fanfiction ever -- Holmes/Cthulhu eldritch tentacle pr0n.) And the story's been nominated for a Hugo -- that's why it's online, along with all the other nominated short stories, novellas, and novellettes. A really, really powerful story, and I think my favorite of the selections, although of course I read the book in the bookstore and that was a while ago so I might have forgotten something.

If you've got a moment, you should go read it. Even if you don't know anything about the Lovecraft universe.

(ETA the total random note that it's 55 degrees outside and foggy and overcast -- the exact same weather as in the East Bay right now. It'll get horrible by mid-day, of course, but right now it looks and feels like the Bay Area. When I walked down the hill this morning, the sun was muted and the trees across the way were obscured by the mist over the river. *happy sigh*)

(Edited again to add: there are a few characters in Gaiman's story who are never identified by name, just by obscure reference to canon. You can certainly read the story and still not care who they are -- I mean, it's no big deal. But if you do care, leave me a comment and I'll tell you who they are and how we're supposed to know. In nice white text, even, so's not to spoil it for anyone else. Although I can't imagine it being a spoiler. But some people are really anti-spoiler.)
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Sorta GIPy, I guess. Best quality image I could find, unfortunately.

Austin James (of Probe, a 1980s show which lasted a total of seven hours) is totally the proto-Mulder. He's "slightly schizophrenic." He doesn't care if he asks people horrible questions as long as he gets the truth. He doesn't sleep in a bed. He has no social skills. He doesn't trust anyone. He has an eidetic memory. He believes he's always right. And he gets to deadpan dialogue like "do I believe it's a energy manifestation from another plane?" He picks locks. He loses cars. His sidekick says things like "why won't you give up?" and he says "because I'm right." Also, look at that leaning in an office chair in the icon. I think my point's been made.

When he explains why he's doing what he's doing he says things like "Nobody knows. But the answers are here. In this room. And I'm going to find them. That's what kind of place this is. It's the universe! It's everything." And he explains how a pilot's plane crashed, but the skull showed that he was killed with an icepick before the crash, but no-one saw anyone else on the plane, and anyway if someone else was there they would have died in the crash. And then goes on to say that it's a mystery, and he's going to solve it completely. So, yes. Proto-Mulder.

The first episode even involves a computer gone mad and killing people. Elevators are involved, and talking to the computer, and the computer kills its creator, and didn't I see that on the first season of the X-Files?

Anyway, in looking for pictures from the show I found some fanfiction. Some of it by people who also see the Probe and XF connection... only they do it with crossovers.

Angela W. wrote XF/Probe and LG/Probe crossovers: Access Denied and Three for Texas. Het warning. MARRIAGE het. MSR and marriage, even. Oy.

Vesper also wrote an LG/Probe crossover. Until It's Gone. Apparently the idea of getting Byers and Austin James to work together is irrestistable to certain people. Also het.

And a Probe songvid. No, really. I haven't watched it yet. The idea's almost too disturbing. *g*


Dec. 5th, 2003 12:03 am
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Recc'd on one of my lists today:

Harry Potter/ST:TOS. With Spock and Snape. Not quite having sex. Sorta mind-meld sex. Something. *mind boggles* By Florahart.

Then we have this, which I stumbled across by accident. Methos/Spock, by someone named Kiristeen. WIP, I think, although maybe it's no longer IP. I don't know anything about the author.

I should really finish that off with a Methos/Snape, to complete the circle, and I happen to have one on offer, also randomly clicked through to. Here it is, in all its ff.n glory: Methos/Snape. Sorta. Methos is Merlin. He's the last of the Magi. (I do not think that means what she thinks it means.) Methos and Snape look to be getting together someday, but aren't yet. They just can't be more than 100 feet from each other, because of a complicated plot contriv -- I mean, spell.

This has been your daily broadcast of weird crossovers. I make no statements about the readability of any of these stories. Because, I mean, whoa. Weird stuff there.


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