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1. I posted that high-protein cookie recipe that I mentioned a while ago over at [community profile] omnomnom! Also, I might've had some of those cookies for breakfast.

2. An interview meme from [personal profile] chagrined! Questions and answers are under this cut )

3. I actually kind of feel like I'm posting all the time right now, because I'm writing up [community profile] kink_bingo related stuff: resources, posting template, accessability, kink wiki stuff about kinks X and Y and Z. But then I don't post it! Because it has to wait until round two is closed! So I keep being a little confused about what I've posted and where. *facepalm*

4. I'm sort of doing three weeks for dreamwidth all the time, since I'm not crossposting, but I thought this related meme was interesting: What kind of topics/entries would you like to see me posting about? Any particular questions you've always wanted to ask me but have resisted because the answer would be a huge essay? Ever want to wind me up and watch me go on a particular topic? Anything you've heard me say "I should write that entry about _________ I've been meaning to write" and have been patiently waiting for? (from [personal profile] telesilla)
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So some archaeologists have found the hand of Franklin reaching for the Beaufort Sea.

Or, okay, the copper sheeting of Franklin, and no word yet on whether a deaf wolf was involved in any way.
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Vid rec: [ profile] sdwolfpup's due South vid "You Can Call Me."

Because... because it's Ray V., and Ray K., and Fraser, and the relationships of same, and it's fabulous, and it speaks so effectively of who Ray V. is, and who Ray K. is, and how they see Fraser, and how Fraser sees the world. And the Ray V. verse made me so incredibly happy (me: yes! yes! he's just like that! why do people ignore that about him?) that then when the Ray K. and Fraser verses were awesome I was just... yay. There are no words for my yay.

Seriously, I was pretty hooked by the intro, and then by about, oh, ten seconds in, with "why am I soft in the middle now," that was it, because I have such a soft spot for this Ray V. The rest of his life is so hard. And his dad. And Frankie. And the badge. AND. *fangirls*

This is a song I'd never have thought of for due South. But! "If you'll be my bodyguard," and "angels in the architecture," and "I want a shot at redemption," and "a man walks down the street," and "he says, why am I short of attention?" and "who will be my role model, now that my role model's gone?" Brilliant.

Go watch it, and then read [ profile] minnow1212's analysis of the last verse, and [ profile] heresluck's squee.


Apr. 7th, 2006 02:27 pm
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So I once again caught myself saying "thank you kindly" to the fellow at the Green Line Cafe. Verbal Tics Learned From Television apparently stick around; I mean, I'm not Southern, so I have no excuse at all for this. (Then again, when I was a kid I somehow developed a substitution problem, "briefly" for "shortly" -- I would say "I'll be there briefly" and mean "in a minute" -- so perhaps I shouldn't blame my adverb abuse solely on due South. I worked very hard to expunge that usage of briefly from my vocabulary, but it still happens sometimes.)

Also, I refuse to use either past participle of "to get." Because I ... just don't get it. This is one of those absorbed grammar lessons that just completely fails to take when you read both American and British English as a kid. He's got? He's gotten? Okay, sure, you can tell me that in American English the first means "he possesses" and the second means "he acquired," and that in British English the first means "he possesses" and the second doesn't exist, but frankly a sentence like "they've gotten the check" freaks me out. Except in idiomatic usage that has to take "to get" (like "got married," and even then I'll avoid the probably correct "they've gotten married"), "gotten" doesn't exist in my dialect and "got" appears rarely. Sad but true.

Also, I find myself pondering the usage of "woman" as an adjective. Remember that scene in Gaudy Night, in which Harriet Vane writes a stern letter to a newspaper saying something like "woman students would be seemlier than undergraduettes?" I hit the same usage in one of the first Amanda Cross mystery, c. 1968: Kate Fansler talks about the sudden interest in "woman writers." We certainly still talk about women who write, but I don't think that the phrase "woman writers" would be as likely as "female writers." Is this just my dialect? Or is "woman" as a collective adjective out of fashion? (A quick google picks up several pages, though the text on most of them actually says "women writers." Google informs me that there are 38,000 pages using "wome/an writers" and 232,000 using "female writers.")

Also, I have decided to start using the word "eesome" in casual conversation.


Mar. 15th, 2003 11:19 am
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::blink blink:: How you know you've been out of dS fandom for a really long time...

[ profile] m_shell and I were watching dS last night, and we hit Mountie and Soul. And I explained to her that the country song Huey and Dewey were writing ("there's a house we call love built next door to hate / and both of them got lawns and a white picket gate") is actually a real song done by Paul Gross and David Keeley. And then I remembered that their website used to have handy downloads of songs or parts of songs, so Michelle could listen to the strangeness of a Paul Gross she only knows of as a mountie doing "Voodoo." And I went there. And there's an entire new CD released in 2001. Huh. Who knew?

From the mp3s from the new CD, it's in a totally different style, to boot. Weird.
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In which eruthros has a moment of freaking out.

So [ profile] m_shell and I have been watching due South, and we just got to Burning Down the House. And Michelle's a big Vecchio fan; she thinks he's a marshmallow or a weasel or something, but in a good way. Anyway, I went to the due South archive to look for Fraser/Vecchio that I remember as being good for her. Since, you know, Vecchio is now gone for two seasons.

And I hit this. And oh. my. god. YS McCool. Has written. Due South slash. AU. Featuring Ray Vecchio. As a mafia don. Honest. To. God. And then she's gonna cross dS over with her Cheyenne series.

Oh. My. God. I kinda can't deal. In my world, YS McCool busily writes original fiction and endless Cheyenne stories in a small corner of the net. This is -- too weird.

Glances over story. Fraser has conversations with his "voice of reason." And there are lines like: Mister Vecchio could only be Ray "Light Foot" Vecchio, also known as the Don of Chicago. Well shit.

If any of them turn out to be miraculously psychic because of a long-standing family history, I think I'm going to go into convulsions. But I can't stop reading. Train-wreck fanfiction is so hard to resist.


Jan. 23rd, 2003 04:33 pm
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I adore the dS2 soundtrack. Except for "Nobody's Girl," which makes me bless computer CD players with handy "never ever play this track again" features. Strangely, though, I seem to have misplaced the dS1 soundtrack. Hey, did I maybe loan it to any of y'all?

I hadn't looked for it for a while, because I was dSed-out, but recently I addicted [ profile] m_shell, who's watching from the beginning and thinks Ray Vecchio is fabulous. She's always saying "no, look, he pretends to be such a bad ass, but for Fraser he's a marshmallow inside." Suddenly, I'm in the dS mood again. Chase scenes to Sarah McLachlan! Conversations in the closet! And with dead people! A TV show with magical realism! (At least in seasons 1+2; I don't think I'd call the anti-physicsness of season 3+4 magical realism exactly. Not that I'm badmouthing RayK. He's fab.) I couldn't wait until we got to VS to see the reactions of m_shell and my other housemate. And also because I suddenly realized I hadn't seen VS in ages.

Funnily enough, m_shell isn't sure she wants to keep watching after the second season, because I warned her than RayV is going away. I'm all "no, RayK is okay. Really." I hope t'god we don't recreate the Ray Wars in my own house. That would just be going too far.


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